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The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Tiny Space

We are currently in the process of extending our home with the main focus being the family kitchen — with five boys we need plenty of space, fridges and dishwashers! I love space for a huge table — somewhere everyone can gather for meals, perch for natters with friends, a place to work on my laptop and for the kids to get creative — a true home hub. The most important factors for me when it comes to a kitchen are light, comfort and simplicity.

I am really drawn to the simplicity and warmth of this kitchen. The handle-less units, white walls and wooden worktop are classically Scandinavian, but the putty colour of the kitchen and the natural wood and rattan details take it to another level completely and the houseplants keep it feeling fresh. It somehow manages to be timeless and incredibly modern all at once. Image courtesy of Alvhemmakleri. I love this kitchen because it is full of light and I can imagine a family living here: it is raw and easy, cosy and welcoming.

White tiles, open shelves and simple lights. Everyone could do this with a really simple DIY. Everything is at your fingertips and organised. I love that there are plants too. I also love the soap bottles near the sink, I can imagine they are homemade! Image courtesy of Reformcph. We tend to stick with the clean white surfaces. I have to admit, I would love to see more Arabian spring and a little less microwave revolution of food prepping, especially when it comes to the use of colour and materials.

Together with Norm Architects Danish Reform have revolutionised the Ikea kitchen, by hacking the front, transforming the boring white kitchen to a new updated eye-catching to-die-for kitchen. The kitchen is simple but very exclusive in its timeless design. Carrying no handles, it presents a table top covering the entire surface and adding to it an exquisite finish — like the best design furniture. The materials, which have seldom been used in kitchens, give away a clean but raw expression. I am a huge fan!

Image courtesy of INT2. It encompasses many design elements I love — the ones that excite me. The mix of raw materials including concrete, blonde plywood and exposed brick add depth and texture. The cool monochrome colour scheme is made warm against the natural wood tones. The industrial, no faff lighting hangs above the sleek minimal line of the worktop and units whilst the enormous piece of art acts as a focal point without overpowering the space. The geometric tray and glass bottles punctuate the space with mid-century colour. That bit of detail every room needs. The materials, balance of the design, texture and colour scheme make me very happy indeed.

I love this kitchen, the grey cabinets are a daring choice, but they nailed the look. It is fresh, clean, stylish and Scandinavian cool. Natural wood furnishings add warmth, while the marble backsplash provides a beautiful texture and a hint of elegance. The white dining table is a great accent piece.

Image courtesy of Passion Shake. While styling this home for my client, I realised how much I admire simple design and clean lines in a kitchen. Minimalism makes this space feel airy, bright and practical. I really like how the black and white colour palette has been paired up with wooden elements for example a stool or kitchenware to make the final look not only timeless but also warm and inviting.

Black cabinets and white tiles are timeless. A lack of shelf space calls for storage solutions that go beyond the ordinary for a cluster of potted herbs and farm-fresh goodies. Therefore go for multi-functional pieces that are a must for tight spaces. Image courtesy of Suna Interior Design. This bespoke kitchen, designed by Suna Interior Design has black built-in appliances and features such as the marble effect quartz worktops, a black wood-grain effect open dresser unit and concealed under-cabinet lighting — creating a striking combination.

The interior design is quite moody and masculine with rich tones of gloss black kitchen cabinetry, walnut flooring and a marble splashback in the elegant kitchen. We love how the Macassar ebony creates a dramatic backsplash and is used to frame the integrated fridge and plumbed coffee machine. Task lighting was also incorporated into the shelf. The mirrored wall above the shelf creates depth and reflects light.

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Corian countertops are used. The island also features a warming drawer. Many people avoid using the colour blue in the kitchen as it is considered as an appetite suppressant. However, you might be surprised to learn that there is no scientific proof for that! Blue can be a fantastic and offbeat choice for a kitchen and this beautiful home on the photo just proves it. I really like this cool greyish hue picked by designers — together with warm yellow wood, it looks very inviting and cosy. This is from a house we refurbished. I love the cool grey kitchen because it shows how monochrome comes alive.

The picture window and pop of colour are a great foil to the grey doors, stone island and walnut seating area. Image courtesy of James Gostelow. Here we used different materials for each element of the kitchen, such as the marble work tops to bring life to the kitchen for a rich and textured look. The clever use of lighting brings brightness to the room and gives a feel of space, allowing you to walk freely around the centred island. This is the perfect example if you want a simple, contemporary look, which is both clean-looking and functional.

The use of red for the stools and accessories brings a little bit of colour and fun to the kitchen. This kitchen was designed by Interiorsat58 for a client who wanted a very high-end and masculine look. And of course the incredible wine fridge and quadruple oven, perfect for entertaining! The solid marble table from Bonaldo is also a real showstopper, it took six men to carry it up the stairs, but was well worth the effort — just make sure you add place mats to protect marble tables as they can stain.

Using a contrasting finish on the island — as seen in these images where a limed oak wash was used — or with base cabinets different from wall cabinets, is a great way to introduce a daring colour or texture without it overpowering the whole room. Similarly, you can lift an otherwise moody colour scheme with some bright metallic accessories — seen here in the copper-topped barstools from Cox and Cox.

7 Tips for Achieving an Open Plan Kitchen

I spotted this kitchen on Pinterest and I was instantly smitten. Yes, it is on the small side but the owners have embraced its size and mixed function and style perfectly. I love the eclectic unfitted style of it, no kitchen rule book here! The red cabinets make for a dramatic backdrop and the whole space suddenly becomes exciting, inviting and cosy.

This kitchen oozes personality and it is my kind of kitchen. In a kitchen, I want a space that inspires me, somewhere that is lived in and this one is just that. It makes me want to cook and create meals for friends and family. I love light, colour, space and the feeling of relaxation. For me, this ticks every single box.

Practical, good looking with a sense of humour; I could just as easily be describing my dream man as my dream kitchen. This design has it all. A mash up of vintage, modern, retro — all different pieces thrown together out of a general appreciation of loveliness. This kitchen is old and worn but well-loved. I love it when people use the kitchen like any other room in the house, rather than some kind of sterile pristine environment. Sure, keep it clean, but decorate it with the same eye you use for the rest of the house. This kitchen really works for me. All lit perfectly by that great natural lighting.

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. I, therefore, feel it should be homely and somewhere family and friends can feel relaxed.

100 Creative Kitchen Ideas

I love the mix of old and new and different styles in this space. Plus it has the most wonderful matt black wood floor. Image courtesy of Used Kitchen Exchange. If you have a wooden shaker kitchen that needs a new lease of life, statement handles coupled with an on-trend chalky paint finish can achieve an effortlessly contemporary look on a budget. I love that people congregate in kitchens; they are places of warmth, love and hopefully delicious treats!

I used pale greys, blues and whites to create the simple look, accented with lots of gold to keep things interesting. The faux-concrete kitchen cabinets are offset by softer colours in the living area, and I use antique Italian tiles as the heatproof mats to protect the white granite worktops.

Image courtesy of Vipp. The utilitarian Vipp kitchen is a furniture concept that is composed of stainless steel modules. The kitchen is industrial, muscular and functional, with a form that is tactile and handsome. Its clever and confident design will thrill the most ardent chef, and ensure many years of thoughtful cooking. Image courtesy of Entrance. I like the combination of the different grey cabinet colours in this kitchen in combination with the white subway tiles as a backdrop. The cabinets have very clean lines, which is contrasted a little bit with the way the lighting is hung above the sink.

What I like the most about this kitchen though, is the big open area in front, which can fit a big table for family dinners, gatherings and morning coffees in front of the big windows. The black and white cabinets balance each other so well, coupled with a walnut laminate table for a strong impact. All drawers are symmetrical, the monochrome colour palette for worktop and fronts works perfectly, and to top it all: no top drawers, which creates a lot of open space and makes the room look bigger. This minimalistic kitchen looks like my future dream kitchen.

I love a kitchen that is clean and tidy, but not sterile. This is a perfect example. The concrete floor gives it an industrial feel, the white units the Scandinavian coolness and the well-placed accessories a warm touch. Dare to display your favourite items and hide away the not-so-pretty stuff. And of course, a piece of art is always a good idea. Image courtesy of YakobchukOlena — Adobe Stock. I adore this kitchen for two reasons, the high contrast in colours and the use of natural finishes.

Donovan Family Kitchen Fixtures

Both are the top ingredients for a heavenly design, in my design book. Along with the simplicity of the cabinetry it provides the perfect backdrop to frame and showcase the stylish wood with its dreamy organic vibe. I love that the cupboard shape is non-standard too, which just oozes bespoke style. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this kitchen screams country charm and personality. I love the bold wooden kitchen island, stunning open beams and the cream cabinets work beautifully. Open-plan kitchen and dining areas are a great way of opening up a home, and kitchen islands are a practical way of utilising space in the kitchen.

This one offers a dedicated and central prep area, extra wash basin, casual dining bench and plenty of storage. I love the plate shelf — practical and stylish! Image courtesy of J M Interiors. I really love this bright, spacious kitchen. The exposed beams and the solid wood countertops work wonderfully with the shaker cabinets and the Aga just adds to that farmhouse feel. There is plenty of storage which is always needed and I like the glass fronted cabinets and plate rack which can be used to display beautiful dinner sets.

Having shelving built in is always a huge plus to store all of those recipe books! My favourite kitchen is my own kitchen! Image courtesy of Exquisitely Unremarkable. The kitchen is the heart of the home. When decorating my own dream space, I kept this in mind throughout the entire process. Image courtesy of Little Miss Homes. I love this kitchen because it feels so fresh, clean and airy. Victorian terraced houses are often quite narrow with the kitchen at the rear, so it can be hard to get enough light into the space.

The soft palette that I chose for the room helps to create a sense of space as well as calm. Finally, I added contemporary dining furniture and a modern chandelier above the island to finish off the room and give it a slightly modern edge. Image courtesy of Painted Style.

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My favourite kitchen is my own kitchen. I used the original doors and added wooden trim, new handles and paint. The cabinetry, marble countertops, and backsplash create an off-white backdrop for bowls, trays, and dishware. Nautical-style lighting above the island helps carry the coastal look into this space. He replaced the dated wood cabinets, which hung near the ceiling and were difficult to reach, with easy-to-access open shelving and Shaker-style lower cabinets—all painted crisp white. A ceramic subway-tile backsplash and sleek marble countertops complete the monochromatic look.

Open shelving holds everyday basics; lower cabinets store pots and pans. Along a bank of cabinets a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator works to maintain the freshness of food. The cabinets include a handy flip-up door which conceals the microwave, keeping it convenient but out of sight. A tumbled marble, ceramic, and carved-tile backsplash contrasts with the wooden cabinetry, which has basket-weave doors and drawers. Some of the best treasures in this kitchen are found objects. The homeowners used old ship lights for a chandelier in the kitchen. This kitchen achieves a clean, crisp look with Shaker-style cabinets, a tile backsplash, granite countertops, chrome hardware, and stainless appliances.

A white shade allows light to stream into the small but efficient cooking space. In the cooking area, cream-colored countertops and tiles blend beautifully with the white cabinetry. Open space above the cabinets increases the sense of height. Metal hardware on cabinets adds a punch that is repeated on the stainless steel refrigerator and stove. This homeowner cleared the back wall of the kitchen and created an opening into the dining room. All white walls, cabinets, and countertops also make the space seem bigger.

To keep the room from feeling too flat, she added color and texture with accessories such as curtains and a jute rug. She reinforced the vintage look of the house with a new tongue-and-groove wood-plank ceiling and a trio of oversize globe lights, a splurge item. A window-filled alcove functions like a dining room with a casual table, two slipcovered end chairs, and a pillow-topped banquette. The built-in bench and wall of windows make this small space seem much larger.

Two vintage light fixtures, hung with nautical rope instead of standard chains, illuminate the space. The industrial, prefab nature of the Quonset hut home prompted the homeowners to use corrugated metal panels available in most building-supply stores on the kitchen island and surrounding cabinetry, but the sleek room is anything but aloof.

In this eco-friendly kitchen, the homeowner crafted shelves for the kitchen from lumber and stainless steel rods. They allow light in while providing storage. Toile fabric in bright hues on these kitchen chairs partners stylishly with a contemporary table from the inexpensive retailer IKEA. The sage green kitchen cabinetry has generous space for dinnerware and pantry items, and a fossilized countertop surface adds a sense of history to the space.

This small, s kitchen returns to its retro roots without sacrificing modern space and functionality. The center island replaces enough counterspace to fit a clothes washer and dryer in the room. Details like the farmhouse sink and green glass tile add throwback style. Every aspect of the kitchen is designed to enhance family life.

The large center island, topped with wood, resembles a farmhouse-style table and invites dining. For a timeless appeal, the kitchen's informal cabinetry is done in dark wood tones and a rich cream color. Two sinks and two dishwashers hidden by wood panels make cleanup efficient. An under-counter refrigerator at one end is perfect for keeping drinks cold. Stainless steel appliances give a modern edge to the traditional style.

Glass shelves mounted on the window above one sink hold houseplants and glassware. The owners transformed their ranch-style house into a cottage, with this family room-turned-kitchen as the star. The counters and island are topped with an African wood called iroko, which is highly resistant to moisture and easy to maintain. This homeowner took a simplified approach to decorating. She chose fabrics, colors, and furniture with a decidedly Swedish influence. The stainless steel appliances and sink add a sleek, metallic luster. Even the honed travertine marble countertops have a lightness.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas & Design Inspiration | Architectural Digest

Her flooring choice—pine boards covered in a thin coat of watered-down paint—contributes to the ambience. Waves of blue drench this kitchen. A pale shade covers the walls and ceiling while a deeper shade is used on the cabinets. The wood floors carry a third shade of blue. Such colors are a perfect reflection of the nearby Gulf of Mexico waters. The black-and-white basics in this kitchen make it feel airy and clean. The blue accents add warmth and interest. Tier curtains maintain privacy without blocking natural light. Cabinetry with an antique cream-colored glaze surrounds the space.

Appearing to be a large cabinet, the refrigerator is disguised by panels. Beside the refrigerator, open shelves placed in front of casement windows provide display for dishware and cookbooks. The area features quartz stone countertops, while an ample island occupies the center and makes food preparation a pleasure. To balance out the traditional feel of the rest of the home, the kitchen's countertops, appliances, and cabinets are all clean and contemporary.

A quartz material protects not only the top of the kitchen island but also the sides from daily bumps and dings. The builder of this home did a great job of making classic choices such as the white subway tile, the vintage-style hardware on the cabinets, and a mahogany top on the island. These homeowners made clever paint choices. By selecting a dark green for the base cabinetry and island, they grounded the space with an appropriate connection to nature.

Pale gold upper cabinets bring a welcomed lightness to the scheme. Interestingly, the units with glass-panel doors reveal that the same shade of green is used within. In the kitchen, these homeowners chose Virginia slate countertops and then had a sink custom made out of the same dark slate. The color hides stains that would show on a white sink. Clever details fill this kitchen. The floor painted by a local artist provides a graphic foundation for the colorful cabinets and sleek island.

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The homeowner replaced the lower cabinets and gave the uppers new life with glass doors and brass hardware. Tired of white kitchens, she drenched the entire space in a custom deep, dark green in a glossy lacquered finish. Her collection of white dishes and serving pieces, an impressive La Cornue range, and a white subway-tile backsplash add interest and break up the swaths of green. This homeowner let the natural wood finish of her countertops shine by painting all of the other surfaces in the kitchen either gray or white.

One thing about an open kitchen: You have less wallspace for cabinets, so you have to be creative with storage. Here, a large island with drawers beneath the countertops provides the solution. The island drawers are deep enough to hold large bowls, pots, and pans. The island also houses the oven. For a stylish backsplash, the designer installed a fireback into the wall behind the cooktop. Prep work, cooking, cleaning, eating or entertaining? Or will you use it for everything, including homework and house projects? If it will be used just for casual meals, seating should be your priority.

If the main sink is in your island, then you will have to plan to have a dishwasher adjacent to it. How big is your kitchen? Make a list of everything you want in your kitchen island, in order of priority. You may not be able to get everything in your island, but try to get at least your top five features. First things first: Determine your seating height.

A inch-high bar stool and bar tend to have a bit more flexibility — the island can be designed in two levels, with the working side set lower for prep work and the dining side higher to accommodate bar stools. The step in between is a handy place for electrical outlets, too. Make sure that the working side of your island can function with the opposite kitchen counter. Will it make sense with the rest of your kitchen? Can it complete the work triangle of the sink, range and refrigerator? Or do you need another working area with a prep sink?

There should be 3 feet of floor space on the ends of the island. The entertaining and eating side of the island is usually determined by the adjacent space — a dining room or living room — if there is one. A lot of this depends on your kitchen layout. If you have space for a lot of cabinetry in the kitchen, island storage may not be a priority. If this is to be your main prep area, the sink and other appliances may have to come first, but try to make room for prep utensils and cutting boards near the sink.

The length of your island can be as few as 4 feet, but you should plan for at least 7 feet if you need to accommodate a sink, a dishwasher and a cooktop. Photo Sources: 1. Insidesign , 2. Fivecat Studio Architecture , 4. Incorporated , 5. EcoLogic Studio , 6.

Banks Design Associates , 7. Divine Kitchens , 8. Gage Homes , 9. Buckminster Green , Candace Barnes Design , Bess Jones Interiors , Bates Masi Architects , Jordan Design Studio ,