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I held her hand. We walked the path along a road cars ruled. My body was her shield. She held my hand naturally. It was my first time guiding a child. We did not speak we held hands walking.

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I felt my future daughter warmly waiting. Adventures in poetry The written word has carried English grad Lester Graves Lennon on a journey that began at, and regularly circles back to, UW-Madison. Its inscription: Poetry written here. Latest Tweet Wherever summer takes you.

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When Terrell Owens holds forth on poetry in O yes, he does , much of the audience knows that Owens is a football player, and has at least a vague idea of what football is, what it means and why it inspires otherwise reasonable people to put Styrofoam cheese slices on their heads. But poets and poetry readers.

The sad thing is that they capture an inevitable and impossible yearning. The chasm between the audience for poetry and the audience for O is vast, and not even the mighty Oprah can build a bridge from empty air. But at least her magazine makes an effort, sort of. But there are at least two admirable features. The first is a profile of W. Casey obviously likes Merwin, has read him and makes a genuine effort to talk about one of his poems despite her lack of expertise. If more journalists would try things like this, the chasm would still gape, but maybe less widely.

The magazine also encourages a number of poets to discuss the art, although mostly in one- or two-sentence asides. Yet one must fill the yawning chasm with something: Magical Poetry Talk, a fashion shoot, some lists, the wisdom of Sting, whatever. I wish, though, that they had found space for someone — not a critic, necessarily, just someone willing to be honest — to talk about the actual experience of reading a poem.

Not why poems are good at rehabilitating people.

Adventures in Poetry Jun 1998

Not where poems come from. Not what they can help us do, or forget, or remember. Not what the people who write them are wearing. Just what reading one of them is like to one person. If the chasm is to be ever so slightly narrowed, it seems to me this is how it will be done. I find myself turning again to the fashion shoot: there is Anna Moschovakis, whose work I know.

I wish I could be inanimate, banged-up and appreciated for all my surface qualities without ethics getting in the way.