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Baldur was not killed by an evil spirit, and once killed, stayed dead. There is indeed a story about Baldur's death that involves mistletoe and crying, but it's nothing like what has been described here.


After Baldur had dreams of being killed, Baldur's mother Frigg made everything in the world promise not to harm him - well, almost everything. She didn't extract a promise from mistletoe, though, because it seemed too weak and insignificant. With Baldur nearly invulnerable, the gods made a game of throwing things at Baldur, since nothing would harm him.

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Baldur's brother, Hodur, couldn't participate as he was blind. Loki discovered that mistletoe had not made a promise. He put Hodur up to throwing a dart of mistletoe at Baldur, guiding his hand so that he would not miss. The dart killed Baldur, and Baldur went to Niflheim the realm of the goddess of the dead. Hermodur rode to Hel to ask if she would release Baldur back to the world of the living.

Hel said that she would, on the condition that everything in the world weep for Baldur's death. Everything did, except for one giantess, Thokk, who may have been Loki in disguise. Thokk refused to weep, condemning Baldur to stay in the underworld until Ragnarok. That is the story.

Although there is academic debate about when the details became what they are, the story itself is fixed. There is no such story in the Norse tradition as the one told in this article. Myths may not be true or scientific descriptions of the world and its history, but they do have an existence of their own as literature and as oral tradition. It is not difficult to find sources for these stories. Really, an organization that purports to educate people and promote literacy ought to do much better than this.

This version of the story might be the reason for kissing under the mistletoe, but I think Bob is trying to tell you that this is not the original norse legend and I agree and that this should be made clear :. Thanks for joining the discussion, Joseph and Thea! We appreciate you and bob telling more about the myth!

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While there are many small variations, we've supplied just one summarized version, along with the trusted sources of that version. We recently updated the Wonder to include more information for you! Thanks for stopping by Wonderopolis! Sorry you didn't enjoy this Wonder, Jariyah!

Underneath the Mistletoe

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Hi Paul! Mistletoe berries contain certain chemicals that can be toxic to humans. However, as the article mentions, birds can eat the berries. It would be very bad if a human were to eat a berry! Hello, Isabella! It was also neat to learn that mistletoe berries are toxic to humans but not to birds! Hey, Wonder Friends! Before you submit your comment, please remember:. Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion.

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Why Do People Kiss Under Mistletoe?

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Wonderopolis Dec 12, Maddox M. Oct 2, Wonderopolis Oct 3, Kim Apr 30, Just thinking about the word mistletoe reminds me of Justin's song Misletoe! Wonderopolis Apr 30, So where did the tradition of kissing beneath the mistletoe come from? By the 18th century, stealing a kiss beneath the mistletoe became a common practice among British servants and the tradition spread from there.

After the kiss, the couple is to pluck one of the berries from the plant. Once all the berries are gone, the bough no longer has the power to command kisses. So if you hang a bough of mistletoe this year, make sure it has plenty of berries on it. Baking up a batch of gingerbread cookies is a surefire way to fill a house with the smells of Christmas.

But when did this potent mix of spices take on its Christmas connection?

As the spice trade picked up in Europe, gingerbread cookies became much more common. The Brothers Grimm can probably take credit for the invention of the gingerbread house. The tale of Hansel and Gretel, first published in the early s, is likely the first reference to these edible structures, and German bakers soon followed with their own versions. German immigrants to the U.