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And now I wait in anticipation for Bo's story! Yes people there's more! Another marine to be exact! Just read it! View all 10 comments. Undeclared is a sublime read. Jen Frederick did a heartwarming job penning letters between a high school student and a Marine. Simply fantastic, innocent, flirty, funny and cute! Yeahhhh its one of those books that will leave you feeling good. At times I laughed because of all the playful banter and silliness, other times I was ready to throat punch a few characters. Five stars! View all 19 comments. Candace Great review, Elfina!

I liked this one also. Elfina Renee Candace wrote: "Great review, Elfina! Jul 17, AM. But, for some, their attraction is so strong that they can't be kept apart. But I have to admit in the very beginning it had the most similarities and it reminded me of these characters and after that they just stuck in my head. SO, I went with it Grace Sullivan was required her freshman year in high school "Do you think magnetic polarity can be reversed?

Grace Sullivan was required her freshman year in high school to write a letter to a Marine in Afganistan. After that first letter, Noah and Grace exchanged letters back and forth every month for four years. They had confided in each other about things they had never told anyone else ever making them extremely close. But when Grace wrote Noah they should meet when he got out he sent her a Dear John letter telling her that he didn't think that was the best idea and that he really only looked at her in a brotherly way.

Two years have passed and Grace is still thinking about Noah. She had been heart broken by his denial and still not completely over it even thinking she may one day run into him at college, no matter how far fetched that may seem. You had two years of chances. He's been here a while but still hasn't got up the nerve to actually come face to face with her but knows where she lives, what classes she taking, and actually her whole schedule all together. When he finally gets up the nerve, Grace is caught by surprise and turns and bolts.

Not the exact response he was wanting but he knew after the letter she probably wouldn't be as accepting of him at first. He's willing to fight now harder than ever for what he wants. More than you will ever know. It was a really good read. I would sort of describe it as Dear John meets Beautiful Disaster.

What I mean is after the letter writing situation it sorta turns all about Noah working on his fighting career while Grace is working out her photography career. They went to a underground fight that really reminded me of Travis and maybe that's where I get that description. I trust you. He knew what he wanted and went for it guns blazing. Even when he wanted more but Grace kept telling him they could only ever be friends he wasn't deterred and even went on a "double date" with her so he could help her out as friends. Such a sweet guy. Grace was fairly likeable.

Toward the end when she pulled her little stunt I will say I really wanted to slap some sense into her. Her insecurities got the best of her and she needed to take a look at what Noah had done to be with her. I'll admit, there were a few slow parts for me. But, I can't wait for the next book it's supposed to be out in September and it is Bo's. I'm always a sucker for a book about a man-whore who falls in love.

View all 11 comments. May 27, Jenn rated it really liked it Shelves: fighters-gaming-sports , heros-ex-soliders-military-war , boardingschools-college. What I liked about this book: 1. The letters at the beginning of most of the chapters. I felt like Noah was this real solider in Afghan writing home to Grace.

The friendship Noah and Grace built up before they started a relationship.

The Usborne Woodlands Book

Noah only had eyes and feelings for Grace. Noah was many of firsts for Grace. Especially his friend Bo. Dual P. V's 7. The concept of this story line. The humor in this book. No cliffhanger. Military aspe What I liked about this book: 1. Military aspect in the story. This was a sweet book of first loves for Noah and Grace.

They met through a writing project when Grace was in High School. She wrote to him faithfully for 4 years. She supplied Noah and his buddies with many care packages. She was always loyal and someone Noah learned he could trust and depend on. Essentially, they became each others best friend outside of their own close friends, his friend from school and her cousin. Noah gets out of the service and friend zone's her and they don't speak for a couple of years.

Now he's got his act together and he's made his way to her.

Undeclared (Woodlands Book 1)

Noah may have his act together, knows what he wants, and has a future all mapped out but the only uncertainty of his whole plan is Grace. Grace is undeclared in many ways in her life. In her school major, who she is as an artist, her future and just life in general. Noah's about to reappear and change her world for the better. Can she trust him again to not break her heart in to shattered pieces? Noah has his work cut out for him, he needs to fight for her and win her back in every way that counts: trust, love, friendship Look for book 2 coming out in September about Bo.

Content: language, drinking, and sexual situations. Jan 12, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: military , april-showers-anna-flowers. To be completely honest I felt the beginning of the book was a super slow-burn then things ignited too fast and then a random moment and then boom The End. View 2 comments. Jun 30, S. It was a sweet read, with the relationship between Grace Sullivan and Noah Jackson blossoming from the old fashioned writing of letters.

Undeclared by jen frederick epub download

How retro and so perfect! I still love getting a handwritten letter or a card. It just seems to hold so much more meaning, especially in this digital age. Grace starts writing to Noah as a high school assignment, becoming a pen pal to a military man. Noah gets his act together and seeks out Grace. At this point, Grace is hurt and fearful and does everything to avoid Noah at every turn.

His pursuit of Grace is tenacious and sweet. Noah is a gentleman through and through despite his rough exterior. I was weak kneed and gaga for him in no time at all. Really enjoyed this! May 29, Alla rated it really liked it Shelves: series , series-no-cliffhangers , second-chance-love , audio , sports , soldier , standalone.

Apr 16, Kathleen rated it really liked it. This was not my usual read, but you know what? Jen Frederick did a wonderful job with this story; it captured me immediately and kept me interested all the way through. This story begins with Noah in the Marines and Grace in high school. One of her assignments is to write a letter to a Marine and Noah is the recipient of her letter.

They continue to write each other for the next 4 years and Grace also sends Noah care packages, which were greatly appreciated by Noah and his buddies. Noah has his reasons and eventually we find out why as the story moves along. Grace is devastated when Noah writes her, tells her he just wants to be friends and not pursue a relationship with her. She fell hard for him and the hope that they could be together kept her from bothering with any other guys.

Two years pass and Noah finally feels he is ready to face Grace and try for a relationship with her, so he enrolls in the same college as her. This is where the story really begins. Noah ever so slowly gets Grace to forgive him and through their friendship he is able to get closer to her. This was such a sweet romance and I loved reading how these two finally formed a relationship. I enjoyed reading the letters that were sent to Grace while Noah was in the Marines. They were placed here and there throughout the book and added that little something extra to make this story very special.

It was interesting reading about the everyday life at college and the party's that go on and how Noah made money fighting. Grace was into photography and we got a peek into that part of her life. These things really added up, making the story and the characters unique. We also got to meet quite a few of Grace's and Noah's friends. This host of secondary characters, were all written very well and added another layer of depth to the story. The heat level was lower than what I normally like in my reads, but there was some excellent sexual tension going on.

I'm glad the story took a slower path to intimacy, and that Noah took his time and made sure that Grace was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Noah was the perfect hero for Grace. The ending was not what I was hoping for, not that it was a bad, I just wanted a bit more. The next book, Unspoken, is about Noah's best friend Bo and his book will be released in September , and I will definitely be reading it. Apr 05, Brenna rated it liked it Shelves: arc. As a high school freshman, Grace starts writing to a Marine as part of a school assignment. Her and Noah end up exchanging letters for four full years, way beyond the assignment that initiated their friendship.

During those years, they become extremely important to each other. After not speaking for over a year, Grace is going to college and trying to live a normal life. When she starts seeing a man who she thinks looks like Noah, all her emotions and loss come rushing back. Noah has come to find her and try and win her heart, but he soon finds out that might not be so easy.

We had never exchanged voicemails messages. Never Skyped. We had just written to each other — World War II style we had decided early on. As the story progresses we get letters from the past back and forth between the two. The reasons behind why Noah broke off contact with Grace are revealed. The issues seemed a little anticlimactic and it might have been because I wasn't super connected to the characters.

I had this idea that the letters and that part of the story would be really romantic, but it wasn't. The friendship is really the focus of their past and there's a trust and connection built. I was a bit disappointed that the romance wasn't there like I thought through the letters. It does come later, don't worry, there are steamy scenes and everything! Either way I enjoyed their relationship building, but it felt lacking.

I really liked that throughout the story there is a theme of self discovery and the dealing with struggles of deciding what to do with your future. Taking risks, putting yourself out there, and the possibility of failures plague the characters. The excitement I felt from the blurb just didn't carry through as I read. The premise was promising, but I wish that execution had been a bit better, it just wasn't what I thought it would be. No matter what I told her in my letters, she accepted it and wrote me back something funny or sweet.

She made me realize I could have more if I wanted it. And I wanted more bad. Let's Get Lost!!

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Check us out on Facebook too! View all 8 comments. Mar 28, Keris Shay rated it liked it Shelves: military , high-school-college-love-young. I'm having a hard time deciding about this book. Parts of it I loved completely then other parts I was just unsure about. I loved the letters that were written and the dual POV, but I still felt like certain things were missing. A few things were not answered, What happened to the yogurt shop, did he get it?

I wanted more discussion on the Dear John letter. I would have liked them to talk about the 2 years they were not in contact, what happened, feelings??? I wanted to feel his feelings. I didn't understand the point of the epilogue : I think I just needed more depth all around, maybe. Things I enjoyed, all the boys, specially Finn! I want more Bo and how did Mal afford that car! I also did love Noah a d Grace together just wanted more. I'm not sure if any of this has made sense, my thoughts are a little crazy but I will be reading Bo book!

I want in his head! View all 5 comments. Sep 19, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: unlimited-subscription. How is it I haven't read this author before? I do love second chance stories where the chemistry builds up and there's good tension and banter. He's a former marine, she's an undergraduate ans up until two years ago, they wrote every month. He leaves the marines, gets his head together then sets about wooing her. So many happy feels. The upbeat, belly-tingling steady burn in a college setting reminded me in some ways of The Deal and Sincerely Carter and The Hook-up, so if you enjoyed them, How is it I haven't read this author before?

The upbeat, belly-tingling steady burn in a college setting reminded me in some ways of The Deal and Sincerely Carter and The Hook-up, so if you enjoyed them, I think you'll love this one too. I got a set of four of books from this series, each a complete story about a different character on ku so if the rest in this series are as good as this one, I'm set.

I'll be curled up in my happy reading bubble if you want me Apr 09, Amber Rose rated it liked it Shelves: read-for-honest-review , romance , new-adult. This story starts off with Grace writing a letter to a Marine, Noah who is deployed over in Afghanistan for her school. They made a instant connection being friends writing back and forth for 4 years. Now 2 years have pasted, Grace is in college. She still has not heard anything from Noah in 2 years since he said he didn't want to meet her.

She is crushed. Grace is always looking around picturing seeing Noah. Then on day Noah shows up after Grace's class I would think that Grace would run int This story starts off with Grace writing a letter to a Marine, Noah who is deployed over in Afghanistan for her school.

I would think that Grace would run into his arms since it's been 2 years of silence. But instead, Grace starts to have a pain attack and runs away from him. Noah wants to explain why he hasn't talked to Grace for 2 years and try to get her forgiveness and maybe start something. It started off as a great story and I knew I was going to like it. I wish Grace was stronger instead of finding her ground towards the end of the book. I was getting frustrated with Grace. She is a little whinny quite a bit in the book.

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And not telling Noah her feelings was getting to me. I felt loss of the connection between Grace and Noah by the time something finally did happen.

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Overall it was a nice romance story. I received an ARC for exchanged for an honest review. I enjoyed this book a great deal. My biggest issue was the plot device the whole not talking about our problems leading to a break up. I hate romances that use miscommunication or lack of communication to create drama. Thankfully, the entire book isn't based on that, but it did take some of the shine off the book for me. View 1 comment. Mar 25, Elizabeth Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-from-author-read , ya-new-adult-read , ebook-read.

Grace Sullivan spent four years of her life writing to Noah Jackson, a then-deployed Marine whom she never met. In the course of getting to know one another over four-years' worth of letters, Grace fell in love, and, honestly, so did Noah. However, when Noah's deployment ended, the letters and all interaction between the two stopped. Noah basically wrote her a Dear Jane letter, and the two didn't communicate for two years.

Grace's heart was broken, and she's never been able to forget Noah or stop looking for him in the face of every dark-haired stranger she runs across on campus. Since the day Noah shut her out, Grace has distanced herself academically and emotionally. For Noah, his goals have always been clear, and Grace is priority number one now that he's earned the cash he needed to join Grace at her expensive private college.

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He's literally fighting his way through school. He knows he has a long road ahead of him in order to win back Grace's affection and, hopefully, her love. This author has an ease with writing male characters that I very much enjoyed. He made this story for me! The letters Noah wrote to Grace while he was a young Marine are interspersed throughout the book, and, truly, they are maybe the very best part of this story. Grace, for me, was kind of There doesn't seem to be very much substance to her character.

Though, that may have been on purpose because she is floundering in every aspect of her life, almost to the very end of the book. I feel like it took her too long and too far into the story before she stood up and made some decisions. Honestly, I was much more interested in Grace's cousin, and roommate, Lana than in Grace herself. Noah's Marine buddy and best friend, Bo, is another character I can't wait to find out more about, as well as the group of guys they live with. There were absolutely some unrealistic aspects to this story, and a few odd decisions made by the characters which stuck out to me.

It's best to accept this story as the fictional FUN that it is and not go into it looking for anything too deep ;- However, I will say, overall, I really enjoyed this story, and, while reading, I didn't put it down even once! Jen Frederick's writing style is simple and uncomplicated, and this makes for an easy and fast read.

I like this author, and I'm looking forward to what she has in store for us next! May 25, KatLynne rated it liked it Shelves: friends-to-lovers , young-adult-or-new-adult , reads , hero-hot-marine , g-contemporary-romance , book-club-pick. Debut - 3. They both had to face their greatest fears before their relationship could become solid. Noah Jackson is a swoon worthy hero both in looks and actions and made the book for me.

Clare finally finds the courage needed to make an important decision about her future, thus giving a much needed boost to her self confidence. I enjoyed the slow b Debut - 3. I enjoyed the slow build of this relationship. Jen Frederick has a winning debut and I'm looking forward to Bo's story next. View all 14 comments. May 02, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it liked it. Sometimes I'm short, other times I'm sweet, and this time I'll get right to the point. Undeclared wasn't a bad book, it was good even, but during its transitional journey into being great, it hit a wall.

Smacked right into it head first. Now really, who am I to judge? Sometimes my head accidentally smacks into walls and other things , and it hurts However, vast consumptions of enhanced beverages are usually involved, but I'm sure we've all hit a wall or two in our time. Oh yes, I p Sometimes I'm short, other times I'm sweet, and this time Oh yes, I promised you a point. The point is, when I inadvertently whack my head, it's usually against plaster, bricks, tables, stall doors, or pretty much any intimate object I manage to find within a five feet radius.

Undeclared's wall was a matter of feeling. Feeling and connecting to a relationship, the relationship. Noah and Grace's relationship. As the story progresses we get letters from the past, back and forth between the two. It was suppose to show the development of their relationship. Why Noah shows up after all this time. Why they fell in love from thousands of miles away. Why this relationship developed. I was expecting some great development and romance through these letters, but it never came.

It was hard to connect with them after that; I never got a foundation. Once they reunite, their relationship does progress and develop, but without a solid foundation it felt lacking. I really did enjoy the story. The premise had so much potential. I just wish it had more of a solid foundation to build upon and better execution. I would have felt, more.

The characters were very likable and the situations were entertaining, with some heartfelt scenes and some hot intimate moments, but I just needed more. Maybe not better, just Omg where can I find a Noah.. My favorite part was when he cleaned her makeup off her face when she was drunk. He didn't have a mama so that right there even made it much more sweeter for him to have done that. I loved everything about this book because it was so refreshing to have a book where there isn't such jealousy and mistrust.

The forces that tried to keep this sweet couple apart was just simple human nature. Noah messed up.. Loved loved loved this book. I might be sounding a little repetitive but I won't ever complain when I read 5 star books back to back. Please review the types of cookies we use below. These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features.

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