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Interview with Bill Kirton (satirical crime author)

This story is told by Davidson in the first person. The other lead character is D. Jack Carsten — his story is told in the third person — who notices that local villains are fortuitously disappearing from his manor.

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I know what you are thinking. Not Charles Bronson again.

Bill Kirton

Death Wish 25? In any civilised country with a developed legal system clever lawyers will get the guilty off. But what to do about it, other than fight for political reform of the judicial system?

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Take matters into your own hands when the end result of self-righteous vigilantism is often worse than the original crime? Bill Kirton has obviously thought about this and the twist to this novel will explode your preconceptions. But the interplay and battle of wits between the two main characters builds to a riveting conclusion.

Easy to fix.

The Grisly Murders of Jack The Ripper

These are minor quibbles. Notify me of new posts by email. Title: The Darkness. Category: Mystery. Tag: mystery. With examples from his life and coaching experiences, he reveals a surprisingly simple step-by-step process for assembling a life of peace, freedom, fortune, and fun. The Tricycle Way is a thinking method, a way of lif Skot Welch created Ways to Enjoy the Mosaic from his year experience in international business.

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Skot has pioneered diversity and inclusion initiatives for Fortune firms in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. He is the owner of Global Bridgebuilders, a successful innovation-through-inclusion firm focused on building sustainable RO Todd Wilms co-wrote [with Jill Soley] Beyond Product, a guide for business founders and entrepreneurs on how to take their big idea and turn it into a successful company. The Empire in its infancy was a startup and Palpatine, as a founder, was At age 12, her life changed forever: Exie could hear and see things that other people could not.

Exie is a natural born medium as well. Lynn Vannucci, executive editor at Water Street Press, works with extraordinary writers to acquire, edit and publish provocative books for smart, engaged readers.

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  4. Using examples from his life and coaching experiences, he reveals a simple step-by-step process for assembling a life of peace, freedom, fortune, and fun. The Tricycle Way is a thinking method, a way of life and guide Nicole Kelly, M. Kelly's writing adventure began as a form of therapy as she explored how she could have been so gullible.

    NashvilleKitty, the anti-hero narrator We welcome three special guests: Lynn Vannucci is the Publisher and Executive Editor at Water Street Press, an independent, highly selective publisher not owned by a parent company or conglomerate. Lynn has been a part of the publishing industry since when her first novel, Coyote, was published by Bantam New Fiction.

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    Lynn has since written Clayton realized that if leaders had grown up with positive thinki His wedding photography and filming business offers free photography workshops for up to people. Amy Dresner is an author, motivational speaker and former stand-up comic whose debut book is a memoir called "My Fair Junkie" that chronicles her journey in battling addiction and ultimately turning her life around.

    Growing up in Beverly Hills, Amy Dresner had it all. But at 24, she started dabbling in meth in San Francisco and unleashed a fien This debut novel, released on Amazon in the UK, USA and 11 other countries, deals with challenges faced by women today: becoming newly His novels take p Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico are the founders of Keep Music Alive, a national c3 non-profit that promotes the value of music.

    Each year, they partner with hundreds of music schools in all 50 states, Canada and beyond to offer free lessons to new stud Tracy has run PR campaigns for Fortune companies and large-scale events across the arts, entertainment, sports, and non-profit industries. Navy JAG Officer, is a nationally best-selling author w Ruben Saldana dedicated himself to helping at-risk youth in Orlando, FL after his 17 years in prison for gang-related activities as a teen. With his wife's help, Coach Ruben started Ru-Camp, training teens in mixed martial arts.

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    Ruben requires the kids to stay in school, study hard, and most of all to maintain a clean disciplinary record. Layne believes all dreams are great—even nightmares — because they hold the key to solving the problems and challenges currently plaguing you and to becoming who you were intended to be. With he Those in my collaborations with Eden behave in the same wa Two of his novels were included in the blockbuster 9 Killer Thriller anthologies, the second of which was named to the Mar Naomi L.

    At 19, she was given authori Bonnie welcomes back Stephen Snyder, M. Sinai, to discuss more of his provocative insihts about S-E-X: Facebook is making sex obsolete, but you can do something about it. Good communication can ruin good sex. Ready for happiness? After meeting Mother Teresa, partying with Bon Jovi, experiencing the death of his business partner and then the loss of his daughter, Te She writes: "My father, a brilliant and ambitious businessman, was also mean, violent and vindictive.

    My mother was a hugely gifted artist and musician who was also bipolar and suffered from a severe personality I was a university lecturer in French but took early retirement to write full-time. To pay the bills, I also write brochures, websites, DVD scripts and many other types of commercial and educational materials.

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    Novels, short stories, flash fiction, stage and radio plays, and plays and stories for children. There are 5 in the series so far, all set in the fictional town of Cairnburgh. My historical novel, The Figurehead , is set in Aberdeen in and combines crime and romance.