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Irony and skept Meet Terrance, a loveable and shy garden hedgehog. When he gets nervous, he rolls up into a tight spiky ball which can sometimes get him in trouble. A story about how being shy can make it difficult to meet new friends, and Terrance's brave journey t Journey into the mysterious world of a wild garden from the eyes of a young child. Explore, hand in hand with the imagination, a belief in magic and a healthy nescience that allows a person to experience the world in deep and rich tones of experience A story of extra-ordinary fantasy set in a strange, distant world with a raging blue Sun.

The people here use magic, or mystica, in every day lives but the times are changing and people forget how to maintain balance and harmony with their beautiful Chiplington is a boy who is bored when he has a day off school. When sneaking around in his sister's bedroom, he finds a magical zip on the floor that will unzip a doorway into another world. Using only the power of the imagination, Chiplington and h Sinister Mystica A Part of The Trident of the Eternal Child Following on from and leading up to the events in Harmonium Alesta, we find great forces of spiritual and cosmic magnitude bringing about events that further the tipping of natural order and Embrional :: Pandemonium.

Embrional :: Sphere. Iron Angel :: Deathrow.

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Necronomicon :: Deathrow. Necronomicon :: Vectom. Sacrilege :: Hexenhaus. Defiance :: Atrophy. Chapel of Disease :: Chaos Inception. Embrional :: Hell United. Interment :: Stench. Mitochondrion :: Paroxsihzem. Solstice :: Wytch Hazel. Sacred Reich :: Defiance. Portrait :: Attic. Pathology :: Bloodsoaked.

Nifelheim :: Bewitched. Viking :: Hexenhaus. Attacker :: Omen.


Exumer :: Darkness. Viking :: Atrophy. Dokken :: Quiet Riot.

Austere :: Grey Waters. Neige et Noirceur :: Monarque. Centurion :: Pandemonium. Sphere :: Pandemonium. A Sound of Thunder :: Helion Prime.

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Cloven Hoof :: Omen. Exumer :: Iron Angel. Angel Dust :: Warrant. Exumer :: Deathrow. Suidakra :: Dreamtale. Blood of the Black Owl :: Celestiial. Lustre :: Inconcessus Lux Lucis. Xentrix :: Shah. Living Death :: Iron Angel. Necronomicon :: Iron Angel. Vendetta :: Darkness. Exumer :: Assassin.

Sacred Reich :: Assassin. Whitechapel :: Carnifex. Sacred Reich :: Atrophy. Antediluvian :: Ectovoid. Astrum :: Kosmokrater. Living Death :: Deathrow.

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Necronomicon :: Warrant. Warfare :: Deathrow. Assassin :: Darkness. Hades Archer :: Mulletcorpse. Paradox :: Xentrix. At Vance :: Magica. Brainstorm :: Sinbreed.