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Seasons of survival: reflections of a physician with cancer.

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Pinktober Musings. Rethinking My Mastectomy. The Changing Seasons of Cancer As unpredictable as the weather, the cycle of cancer is often difficult to forecast. BY Khevin Barnes. Khevin Barnes is a Male Breast Cancer survivor, magician and speaker.

Cancer Season Is the Best Time to Cry It Out

He is currently writing, composing and producing a comedy stage musical about Male Breast Cancer Awareness. He travels wherever he is invited to speak to and do a little magic for men and women about breast cancer.

Tropic of Cancer - The Seasons Won't Change (And Neither Will You)

Be the first to discuss this article on CURE's forum. The moon is also strongly associated with the home and with close caregiving relationships.

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You can still open your heart to caring and being cared for. This is a time to love the people closest to you, who have proven themselves true, and to let them love you in return.

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At parties, you might find yourself drifting to the kitchen, the porch, the fire escape — somewhere quieter, somewhere you and your friends can really talk. Or you might find yourself preferring to stay home altogether. It might, instead, look like defensiveness, evasiveness, an intense desire for privacy. It might look like hypersensitivity to the smallest unkindness, hyperawareness of all the cruelty that exists in the world.