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I've had this book for awhile because I don't manage my daily tasks well enough to read all of my Amazon Kindle books. But finally, I knew I needed to change how I use and abuse my time. In my opinion, this is a superior time management book with a bold and truthful "voice" that comes through the writing.

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What stood out to me most is how the author does not give you a set path to time management; he writes, "You have to explore this jigsaw puzzle and put it together in a way that will work for YOU. There is no babbling on-and-on in this book. I am implementing his techniques already and I am anticipating my future filled with time well spent. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I'm giving a five star to this book because of 3 reasons: 1 Easy Read - The book is an easy read and can be finished in a day 2 Full of Real Life Examples - Michal provides very specific examples of each lessons he is sharing and the realization behind it 3 Provides Action Plans - The author gives you step-by-step action plans after every chapter that will help your start your time management.

Quite simply this book could change your life. The author describes a process that I've only just realized myself - I wish it hadn't taken me decades to work it out. It is the concept that we have a personal focusing level - it may be ten minutes at a time, or in my case it varies by day - sometimes I do five minutes, sometimes, fifteen.

Finding that sweet spot is important because beyond that we find ourselves hitting diseconomies of scale when it comes to our productivity. He had other great ideas but this was the one that smacked me between the eyes. The author goes into some detail to support his ideas and I appreciated this - not something you usually get from a small Kindle book. And if you're overloaded with commitments and who isn't and finding yourself becoming less and less productive, I heartily recommend this book and suggest you read it. Let me jump straight in to my reviews about this book. I unearthed couple of pearls scattered across.

After reading the whole book in one sitting, i picked two chapters from this book for action. Break it down and Chap Sand Grains Method. It was revelation. The author has suggested an app for breaking the task down in to details and working on them to increase the completion by 10 fold. Indeed, this did increased by task completion. Earlier, I used to struggle and stare at my to-do list wondering why isn't I am not able to finish.

I had difficulties in visualizing the task and breaking down in to very minor parts which are do-able. Now i picked up the app, start converting my action items in to various sub-tasks.

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Now I have something to play with for the task completion. For this suggestion alone, the book is worth its money. While reading the chapters of this short yet effective book. I realize that a lot of my time is wasted on unimportant things and that it may take some time to create positive habits and break the bad ones. I learned about tools that I can actually apply to my hectic life without feeling overwhelmed to achieve better time management gradually over time.

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Glad I took the time to read it in its entirety I tend to procrastinate - hence one reason for reading the book. It is crisp and gives good tips to improve how we manage our time in this busy world. The tips are very practical. It is a must read for anybody interested in achieving more in their daily schedule. I would like to thank the author for writing this book and sharing his techniques for better time management. One person found this helpful.

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I really enjoyed reading this book! We all have 24 in a day, but some people just get more done. The author is certainly one of those people who get a lot done.

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Speaking from his experiences, he wrote a thorough and easy to follow book that is worth your time. Useful and actionable. Thank you Michal! See all 66 reviews. Get the app. Sign up with email or Facebook. As seen in. Over 3, titles Explore our vast library and stay up-to-date thanks to the 40 new titles that are added each month. Try it for free. You can try Blinkist for free for 7 days. No credit card required Simply sign up to Blinkist with your email address to access Blinkist Premium for 24 hours for free.

No credit card needed. No commitment necessary After your free trial, if you like Blinkist, you can choose to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. With her husbands murder things take a turn for the worse, Mahegan has to start digging for clues and get the action underway. This book explor Fracking good story. This book explores some of the terrifying scenarios that could just be plausible in today's global uncertainty.

So it is good to know this just fiction but very exciting and scary fiction. Apr 16, Megalion rated it it was amazing Shelves: ypub , year-goals-finished , year-read , netgalley , genre-thriller , z-kw-fracking , z-kw-nuclear-plants , loc-north-carolina , pub-kensington. I'm not going to recap any of the synopsis. Very current with fracking being driving conflict of the plot. I kept thinking that this would make a great action movie.

Wouldn't be surprised if it does get optioned. I could see casting agents tempted to get Chris Hemsworth as he certainly has the size of Hawthorne. If you enjoy good actio I'm not going to recap any of the synopsis. If you enjoy good action thrillers, you won't be sorry to pick this one up. I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Sep 29, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller.

Fast paced thriller once you get passed about the mark. Similar to Lee Child's Jack Reacher with a few twists with more words and a little less clarity. For the most part well worth it.

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Will hunt do more books in the series. There were a few sections in the plot that were a little cloudy and could have used more resolution but what the heck I'm easy.

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Awesome, once again Another great story and another great Jake Mehagan adventure. Thank you for the fun ride. The story was really well written and it flowed perfectly. Hopefully the misadventure is at least on the outline stage, please. Excited follower s are anxiously awaiting. May 19, David rated it it was amazing. Frightening as to the realism portrayed. Savage as to the intensity of the story. Gripping, well written thriller. I found it to be superbly entertaining and enjoyable. Loved the characters. Authenticity abounded due to the background of the author. Another voice to pay attention to in the "thriller" genre.

This is the first book written by A. Tata that I have ever read. I enjoyed it immensely. I've now picked up the first and am looking for the third. If you like a good mystery with a very strong leading man, this guy writes a really good book. May 29, Frank Williams rated it it was amazing. Had a hard time putting Three Minutes to Midnight down. Tata's newest release is a gripping page-turner. Apr 11, Helen rated it it was amazing. A huge rush. I never understood how gas was fracked out of the earth but this book certainly put it clearly on line for me.

And a great story of greed, power and terrorist activity and how it could create havoc on a nation ill prepared for its next blow. May 03, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: military-suspense , thriller. This was definitely an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Very realistic circumstances, characters were well written, and the pace of the story never seemed to flag.

Definitely recommend this book and series! Will continue to support General Tata's writing career. Inventive scenarios, strong characters on both sides and a hero to support. Quite a success. Thanx again. Feb 18, Cathy rated it really liked it. Great story and excellent writing. Lots of action and kept my interest throughout. Oct 13, Barbara rated it it was amazing. Loved setting of North Carolina!

May 07, Michael Bell rated it liked it. The premise for the novel is a nuclear attack in North Carolina. It is funny that after having read about the EB-5 visas that many of the assassins had in the novel that affluent Chinese are being offered the same option to get to America in real life.

Maeve Cassidy was a helpless pawn. I wonder how an operation such as this fracking operation was undetected by the authorities. We are tal The premise for the novel is a nuclear attack in North Carolina. We are talking major earth moving machines and environmental disruption. I would read another work by this author though. Could have fooled me! Simply put the authors making no political statement about fracking?? Simply put sounds like Sierra Club nonsense about polluting ground water. Numerous studies by responsible experts have established fracking as practiced in the U. Even the EPA Luddites, after trying so desperately to find evidence of ground water pollution as a result of fracking, came up essentially empty.

Feb 03, Bill Donhiser rated it it was amazing Shelves: adventure , read-books. This is my favorite Jake Mahegan book to date. A very timely topical action novel. Jake takes on greedy American Businessmen, Chinese and Russian Terrorists, and teams up with some interesting characters. A well done thriller from a master fiction writer. Well done General Tata! Jan 05, Barry Johnson rated it really liked it. Oct 29, Kathy rated it liked it. Fracking and terrorism.

Chayton "Jake" Maheagn is on assignment.