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We want to say thank you to all the campers that came out to camp this year!! You made it a so much fun! Also thank you to all the player coaches that made it out! Big thank you to monsour20 and westdrew for their expertise!!

Jake Maddox

All three were selected from there home club ifc. JV won their first game against Forest Hill Varsity tied their first game against Madison Central Thanks to all the campers that came out for Futsal camp! Big thanks to Will Monsour for coming out to run some great sessions for the campers as well. What a game of emotions this was. Not too late to register for Futsal camp!

Soccer Step-Up by Jake Maddox

We accept walk ups as well! Starts tonight-Friday. Goto hartfield. Ages Kth grades. Day two back in action! The girls are working hard to get in form for the season! First day back in action! The girls are always striving to improve their game! June 12thth. Kth grade.

Register today at hartfield. Register for Futsal camp today!


Jake and his crew stumble upon a golden egg and ask the Never Bird whether it is hers. She claims it's not and joins them in their quest to find the parents. In the episode " It's a Winter Never Land! Captain Hook steals the presents and a Forever Green tree and flees to Never Peak Jake and his crew try to retrieve the gifts and tree but failed. Hook delights that he finally manage to steal treasure from Jake and offers Smee and the rest of the crew some of the presents.

However Smee, Sharky and Bones couldn't enjoy the gifts feeling sorry for Jake and his crew. Later Captain Hook and his crew arrive it seems Hook had a change of heart and with the help of Mr.

Award Winners

Smee,Sharky and Bones return all the gifts and tree. Never Peak reappears in the episode episode Race-Around Rock! Captain Hook and Mr. Smee over hear the young pirates and becomes interested in the race.

See a Problem?

The starting line to the race take place at the top of Never Peak. In the episode " Sail Away Treasure " Jake and his crew sailing near Shipwreck Beach when they come across a tiny shipwreck with a bird figurehead on the front. The young pirates thought it would be perfect for Skully. Jake and the crew decided to fix up the old ship and give it a new coat of paint. Skully called his new ship, The Leaky Beak.

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When the crew let down the sail loose they discover a treasure map on it. The map led the young pirate team to a treasure on Never Ever Peak Mountain were they discover a tiny treasure chest but they were unable to open it so they soared off to SkyBird Island to learn what lies with in the chest. Never Peak makes a brief reappearance in the episode episode " The Remarkable Beardini!

Beardini teleports Hook and Smee to the top of Never Peak to prevent the villainous duo from stealing any of his magical secrets from his lair while he gone to reclaim his ring. Never Peak makes a brief appearance in the episode "Dancing with Pirates ",Jake explains to the viewers that pirates have a lot of tasks to do.