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Hymn: Make Me One with You

Use my location. Emergency Shelter. Learn More Got it. Am I Crazy? Related Articles. He's Forcing Me to Get Pregnant.

Be Yourself

How to Ask About Abuse. The New Cyberstalking. You Ask, We Answer. Search Articles GO. Receive new and helpful articles weekly. Along with the love you gave me, you gave me strength. You taught me I could achieve anything I wanted too.

Yes, I am in debt. But I won't allow that to make me unhappy

You encouraged me to go to college, get a degree. Everyday you pushed me to be my best. With you by my side I felt invincible, like I was able to achieve anything my young mind wanted. I was in complete bliss. Unfortunately for me, my emotional rollercoaster of a life was too much for you to handle.

So you decided to say goodbye, when I thought you never would. You leaving turned my world around.

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I was lost in a life without my best friend; without the one person who loved me. Instead, I had an anxious demon in my head making me believe that without you, there was no future. You see, even though you tore my life into a million pieces, everything you did made me grow. Even though you thought I was unproductive, unmotivated or incapable of doing something that I had planned to work toward without you there, you were wrong.

Many mornings it means just sitting with a cup of coffee and telling myself that the balances are getting lower, and that as long as I keep working, things are okay. It seems so simple, but it actually worked. The more I did that, the more I could look myself in the mirror each morning and actually feel good about what I had in my life.

The last time I pulled together my finances, I made a few key decisions in reducing the amount of money I was spending per month.

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One of those decisions was to focus more on cooking at home instead of eating out. Cooking is especially poignant in times when I have to decide between buying groceries or making more than the minimum payment on some of my bills. I just never gave myself the chance to discover that side of me, all for the sake of convenience. It seems to be an awful trend that many people my age are up to their ears in what seems to be insurmountable debt.

Many of my friends made the same mistakes I did. Some of them have lost jobs or made tricky financial gambles that cost them their savings.