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Lacking scruples or principles: conscienceless , ruthless , unconscionable , unethical , unscrupulous. Mentioned in?

The Unprincipled

References in classic literature? I am, indeed, provoked at the artifice of this unprincipled woman; what stronger proof of her dangerous abilities can be given than this perversion of Reginald's judgment, which when he entered the house was so decidedly against her View in context. The girl put the question to Usanga, who, degraded, cunning, and entirely unprincipled , was always perfectly willing to promise anything whether he had any intentions of fulfilling his promises or not, and so immediately assented to the proposition.

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I read it last thing before bedtime and it ensures I go to bed giggling. This is the most entertaining book on business I have ever read and is by turns, informative, challenging and outrageously scurrilous. Dave Croydon gives us an honest, candid and funny expose of his setting up and running his own marketing agency.

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It could have done with some more editing it's clear he used to play rugby - do I need to go further? He is particularly interesting when talking of the personalities particularly of those defrauding his company and how to motivate his staff mostly food and a great deal of drink!

You, the most notorious and unprincipled villain in the city. He knew her to be worldly and he thought her to be unprincipled.

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The motives and conduct of this unprincipled politician have often been misrepresented. Meaning "not honorable" is recorded from s. RELATED WORDS deceitful , unscrupulous , immoral , unprofessional , dishonest , unconscionable , unethical , amoral , abandoned , bent , cheating , crooked , devious , dissolute , double-dealing , licentious , profligate , reprobate , shady , sly.