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Is it a real object? Is it just a concept? However, it is thought to date back as far as ancient Egypt. It is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament and is a key ingredient to many of the Western Mystery Traditions. Despite what we do know about it, it still remains one of the great mysteries of all time. It is thought to be a white, powdery, flaky substance, similar to silica in texture and to have magical powers and properties. It is believed to be the key to turning base-metals into gold as referred to in the tradition of alchemy.

The Philosopher's Stone: In the Gospels and in Alchemy (Izvor Collection)

It is also thought to have healing and even anti-gravitational properties! What it truly is, is still up to interpretation and conjecture, and may very-well remain that way for eternity.

It is the food that was given to the Israelites by God during their travels and gave them the strength to endure. It may also be the substance that the Golden Calf that Moses burnt turned into. There are mentions of manna in Exodus, and Numbers from the Old Testament. It is not only a physical substance, but a metaphorical idea as well.

Heavy Mental Transmutations

Like the tradition of Freemasonry, Alchemy teaches a system of self-improvement through a process. This process is as important as the end result in that works in a linear progression. The individual, or substance being transmuted goes through important changes through the entire process and arrives at perfection at the completion. In Freemasonry, this process is exemplified by two stones.

The Rough Ashlar and the Perfect Ashlar.

The Perfect Ashlar is the perfected stone, ready for use in the building process. This would explain some of the magical properties that it was said to have had. His hypothesis p. Of course, the people chosen to be the care-takers, and transporters of the Ark, were the Levites where the word levitate originated.

Ebook The Philosopher’s Stone - in the Gospels and in Alchemy , 2E - 7switch

There are some clues throughout the Bible about the electrical properties of the Ark. It is said to have emitted bolts of lightning and sparks. As we strive toward personal perfection of morality, we too are becoming elevated. This is the real key to enlightenment. The ancient cultures knew this and were constantly moving toward it. Emma Farrarons. Stephen R. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Joe Dispenza. Adam J.

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The Real Philosopher's Stone: Turning Lead into Gold

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