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Creating live paintings on the stage, this dramatic performance consists of paintings of the famous painter Caravaggio who lived in Naples in the first half of the 17th century. Soft drapes and tense….

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An impressive performance which has been renewed every year since , met with thousands of spectators at the world scene, it has been staged hundreds of times with success. In this ageless show which…. Are you ready for a show as light as the flight of a feather, exciting and as powerful as the rhythm of a heart?

Senmaru, the Japanese artist who has been invited to festivals, television shows and talent competitions all over the world, is now meeting with the audience of Izmir. Our artist is an Edo-Daikagura performer. It's late.

Wolf Song: The Movie

Time to go to bed. But sleeping is the last thing in our mind… The bed is not comfortable, the pillow has its own opinion on all matters, the cover is too short, the pyjama is chasing…. The puppeteer Bence Sarkadi, who will join our festival from Hungary, has been on the streets and scenes of six continents since , when he started his puppet performances and he has won prestigious…. You've never seen the Aesop's fables like this before. There is a narrator in the performance who introduces the tales and explains the performance to the audience.

The narrator is constantly…. Love is the greatest mystery which humanity cannot solve. Our performance is following this secret. Alfred is abandoned by his girlfriend Rose and became lonely. So what went wrong in this relationship? If you think he is just a puppet, you're wrong. It is the world-renowned magician Osvaldo Drevno who astonishes the audience with incredible magic and illusions. Instead of having an ordinary assistant,…. We cannot often manage to see the beautiful sides of what surrounds us.

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However, with the touch of an angel, things can easily become clear and beautiful, as if they were magic. The Street of Angels,…. Little dinosaur Igu lives in a cruel world where everyone is trying to eat each other. One day an unexpected wind brings a strange object like an egg, to his home. Igu decides not to eat the egg, but….

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

A unique performance for all ages from Nikolai Zykov, who performed puppet shows in more than 40 European, Asian, African, North and South American countries with his award-winning one-man performance. Viktor Antonov invites you to the magical world of string puppets. At this fascinating show, which leaves an unforgettable, delicious flavor, the heroes on the strings carry all the excitement and entertainment….

Midas the King of Phrygia, who was chosen as the referee in a music competition between Apollon and Pan, decides on Pan's superiority. Apollo, who resented Midas, turns the king's ears into donkey's…. Shahmaran, one of the oldest tales of Anatolian culture, is also the story of a poor peasant called Camsap. One day in the woods, Camsap finds a well filled with honey. He goes to the forest with his…. A known Anatolian tale becomes one of the original examples of storytelling. He also believes that for various reasons and therefore he leaves him, saying he would not….

Without being didactic, the 'Limitless', which offers to children a fun and moving way, stands…. Is that crazy little thing called Joy making fun of our pompous seriousness? Is it saying that you are the only one making things difficult under an invented, pretended, imposed reality, or what? The Little Prince, written by Antoine De Saint Exupery in , has been translated into more than languages and dialects as one of the most widely published work in the field of literature and has….

Shows Filter by country shows: Choose a country.. This performance consists of a range of… More.. Magical creatures, monsters,… More.. Thousands of years ago, people began to travel the world, taking the color of every culture… More.. This brave and adventurous… More.. The art of sand, which is very popular in the world in recent years, consists of figures and their story created by… More.. Colorful costumes, lively music, glamorous acting… A visual, audial and enjoyable show which provokes you into serious thinking while laughing, touches you while thinking and enchants you with… More..

In winter, which lasts almost whole year, everything is covered with snow and ice, and the whole land… More.. Therefore, they form underwater… More.. You will be amazed at his talents… More.. What will happen to them in this beautiful but… More.. Dolie was shocked to see… More..

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One day,… More.. They're very close to each… More.. In this fun performance featuring clowns, music and strange spells, the clown of the circus will amaze the audience with a… More.. Everybody is looking for their treasure: the little goat is looking for the best hay, the man in love is looking for the woman of his dreams, the woman of his dreams is looking for the little goat and… More..

Next to her, her wooden partners, innocent looking marionettes… More.. While the artist entertains, she… More.. Kibel is a violinist, director, stage and costume designer, and most important of all, a puppeteer who rediscovered the foot theater… More.. Soft drapes and tense… More.. In this ageless show which… More.. But sleeping is the last thing in our mind… The bed is not comfortable, the pillow has its own opinion on all matters, the cover is too short, the pyjama is chasing… More..

The puppeteer Bence Sarkadi, who will join our festival from Hungary, has been on the streets and scenes of six continents since , when he started his puppet performances and he has won prestigious… More.. The narrator is constantly… More.. The Museum of Puppetry , another project co-founded by the theatre, opened its doors in and is stationed at the Ljubljana Castle.

Established as the City Puppet Theatre , LPT emerged as a follow-up to numerous semi-professional puppet groups organised in the region since the beginning of the 20th century. The theatre fast developed its own mode of expression and soon became the leading puppet theatre in the then Yugoslavia. At first, the performances were based on the marionette technique, but later it also got engaged in the possibilities of hand puppetry. However, from the seventies onward the theatre has been consistently trying to advance the technological and dramatic possibilities of puppetry, cultivating a captivating mixture of classical contents and experimentation.

Though it initially focused on works by Slovene authors, the theatre's most important early performances were adaptations of foreign works. It was followed by the same-titled film, the first Yugoslav colour marionette film that greatly contributed to its huge success. Besides its regular performances the theatre runs two festivals and is extremely active on the international stage. It also organises puppetry workshops and is generally devoting a lot of attention to various educational activities through which it wishes to advance the art of puppetry.

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  8. To this end it thus systemically collaborates with schools across Slovenia. The theatre cultivates all the main puppetry genres marionette, hand puppets, Java puppets, shadow puppets, mimic puppets; it also develops new ones , and preserves more than puppets from past performances. It keeps an important collection relating to the Slovene puppetry heritage — see the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre Museum Collection , now partly incorporated into the Museum of Puppetry.

    Ljubljana Puppet Theatre - Culture of Slovenia

    Novak , and Silvan Omerzu being among the more prominent ones , yet also of many writers from elsewhere. With all the curious new productions, many of which stand out in significant ways, but a few important works can be mentioned. Forbidden Loves , based on antique motifs, and awarded in Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria in , and an interpretation of Pinnochio , featuring different puppet techniques and dimensions, acting, shadows and music.

    The slightly refreshed performance still uses puppets from the original staging. An example of international co-production was LPT's performances that included a highly engaged puppet performance for adults about alienation in contemporary society. Love Dolls , co-produced with the Dutch DudaPaiva Company, curiously fused modern dance, puppetry, music and multimedia.

    The theatre is a member of the International Puppetry Association UNIMA, of which first congress was held in Ljubljana in , and then repeated in again the Lutke festival was initiated on that occasion. Click here to contact the Culture. Ljubljana Puppet Theatre From Culture. Jump to: navigation , search. Contact info. Events abroad. Produced by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in ; remake. Granny with the drums and Granddad with the Lajna instrument, joined by the Speckles the Ball that has flied in through the window.

    Strelec premiered at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in Twinkle Sleepyhead [Zvezdica zaspanka], staged for the first time in but still in the repertory today. Ljubljana Puppet Theatre , Cultroom,