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There were lots of great gadgets, action, magic, and romance Publish Date: December 31, View all 3 comments. Feb 13, Christina T rated it it was ok. Good ideas. Not enough pages to fulfill them all. My biggest disappointment in this book, by far, was the romance.

The League of Illusion: Legacy

This could be, in part, due to my personal peeve of the reunited lovers storyline. I prefer to read about that first meeting and the build up of love and romance. With this book you have two characters with a painful breakup past thrown together to thwart evil by finding the lost brother. In some cases it works but I'm not sure it did here. There was so much rehashing of the past I'm Good ideas. There was so much rehashing of the past I'm surprised they fell in love again. It's hard to move towards the future when you are stuck in the past. In addition to the romance aspect, the characters fell flat for me.

They were not underdeveloped just inconsistent. Jovan starts the book out with an "I'll do what I want. I'm magic Baby. That's how I roll! In addition as much as this is Jovan and Skylar's story it was his brother who seemed to be more of a hero. The mystery aspect of the book as a whole also falls short as the entire storyline is left dangling for further exploration in future books.

The bad guys sail off into the sunset and the good guys end up on trial for their past. None of which screams HEA to me. The book is really short more of a novella and many of these plot threads could have been fleshed out more and had more conclusions if it were longer but what action it had was good.

Skylar had an interesting tracking ability although it could have been utilized more and Jovan's remaining brother is intriguing.

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I might have rated this book higher if not for the last scene in the book which was a sex scene between the bad guy and his woman. It was not romantic and frankly it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I enjoy a good sex scene in my romances but it has to be well written and appropriate to the book and to the timing. This one did nothing to enhance the book other than to potentially meet a sex scene quota I don't know if there is such a thing but it's the only logical conclusion I can come up with.

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The scene could have been cut. It would have only helped the book in the long run. With all that said I will read more by Vivi Anna. Her writing style was pleasant to read and her ideas are good. This book just didn't do it for me. Nov 19, Jaclyn rated it liked it Shelves: arc , adventure , historical , magic , net-galley , novella , romance , steampunk-gaslight , victorian. The head of the Davenport family is the head of this league and needs to find his heir because he is ill and likely going to die.

It was a very action packed novella and the pacing was very steady and even considering the format. I loved Rhys and he is why I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. I was expecting something much worse than what Jovan had actually done — but then perhaps I have been reading too many other dramatic historical romances of late. Overall, I think this one was a good start to a series. I was pretty jazzed when I read the promo for the next book in the series and realized that it would feature Rhys and Corina.

May 17, Aimee rated it did not like it. Where do I begin? I do hate to give low ratings and bad reviews, but in this case, I wish there was a rating lower than 1 star. The basic story line of this steampunk novel is promising. Sebastian Davenport has been missing for 5 years. Now, his father Blake, the head of the League of Illusion, is dying, and if his successor, Sebastian, is not found before the Summer Solstice, leadership of the League will go to another, much less honorable family. To help in the search, they call in Druid tracker Skylar Vanguard, who it just so happens had a torrid affair with Jovan 7 years earlier that ended with her heart broken by his thievery and lies.

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Will they find Sebastian in time, or will their enemies, who do not operate within the law, defeat them and take over the League? The basic premise of the book was a good one and could have been done very well. However, the book was just generally terribly written. The main characters are not very likable and sound more like "petulant children" to borrow a phrase from Skylar in the book , constantly bickering with one another, and the dialogue is awful.

There are also parts of the story that just don't make sense. Jovan supposedly "left no stone unturned" when Sebastian first disappeared, yet within a few hours Skylar manages to find out that Sebastian had been in love but had accidentally killed the woman he loved just before he disappeared. She talked to one person to discover this, and she didn't even have to use her druid tracking powers to find this person.

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How hard could they really have looked? All the stuff about keys and doors and time travelling was just not very well explained, although I do see that it's a set-up for the second novel in the series, which I will NOT be reading. I would have been expecting the poor quality of this book if it had been something I had downloaded for free. I allow for poor editing, etc. However, this is something that I downloaded from my public library's ebook collection, which they pay a lot of money for content for, so I expected much better. Jan 02, Calisto rated it it was ok Shelves: meh , wanted-to-like-but-didnt.

Really, that's about it. I really wanted to like this book. In fact, I really enjoyed the universe. It has great potential, but it also suffers from 'been there, done that'. A secret magical society whose primary goal is And from actually having it be done by any but a select few who are strong enough to not actually do the magic because it should be kept secret anyway. Or something like that. And of course we have a villain who is working in the back Meh.

And of course we have a villain who is working in the background to take over the council and rule them all. Actually, my biggest beef is the hero. He comes off as an entitled, fraternity jerk who gets by on his looks and family connections. In fact, I wanted the villain to just kill this 'hero' so the heroine could hook up with his older brother instead.

Perhaps if he had been more likeable, I wouldn't have had a problem with the fact that the heroine is hung up on that jerk from the past who took her virginity at 17ish. Really, get over it already. The other problem is that the main characters are in the mid's came off as being younger. I was much more interested in the stick in the mud older brother, Rhys. Although, not terrible, there's nothing really here. The world could have been really interesting, but it's mired in the ho-humness of well trodden tropes. An unlikeable hero made, what should have been a strong heroine, seem naive and shallow.

Dec 05, Sobia rated it liked it. The romance, too was all kinds of average I think because the book starts with them already knowing each other, it's hard to see what they see in each other. Plus in the summary, you know how it says that the H betrayed the h? Yeah that's never fully explained. So, For the most part I thought this was okay, but near the end, I had to take a break He knows only that Sebastian disappeared into Stonehenge and that an incomplete map is the key to finding him.

And that the missing piece is in the possession of the unnervingly attractive psychic Corina Stratton. Corina has no intention of giving her part of the map to the haughty Rhys Davenport. In fact, she needs to steal his half so she can heal her mother's malevolent spirit. She heads to London, only to be chased by a revengeful sorcerer right into Rhys's arms. Although touched by Rhys's plight, she agrees to go on his crazy quest only to get an opportunity to take what she came for. With an airship full of fanatic elves after them, Rhys and Corina are forced into close quarters as they search for a portal.

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About the Author Vivi Anna is an award-winning, multi-published Canadian author. Vivi is also a screenwriter and TV writer and is one of the co-founders of TVwriterchat. It is a priceless artifact.

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As a perennial offender on Santa's naughty list, Sasha Robur the Conqueror, in English translation. Online Courses Webcasts. Privacy Policy. Subscriber Services. Carina: Harlequin. League of Illusion, Bk. ISBN The fast-paced plot builds successfully on the first book, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next title. This exciting romp through a magical London will please both fantasy and romance lovers.

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