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Prepare a background to what is happening in the classroom: Coordinate with the teachers at school. Find out what is planned for the week ahead. Prepare a base for that at home. Get him to read the textbooks or discuss the stories in literature. Do the science experiments at home. I have noticed that classroom interaction becomes easier as there is previous knowledge working at the subconscious level. Nudge and prompt: Nudge and prompt them during the learning process.

This makes it easier for the kids. They know that they have a helper in you. Your prompting motivates them to do better. Supervise: Studies have shown that autistic kids under supervision work better than those left unsupervised. When there is no supervision, autistic kids feel the lack of positive reinforcement and thus are not motivated to move ahead in their tasks. It is my strong belief here that subconsciously the child knows that they have an anchor in the adult around them.

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Autistic kids work best with strict schedules. Avoid surprises. Schedule: Prepare schedules for them. Discuss any change in the schedule with them. If possible depict the schedules as picture timetables. Work out on coded images for various tasks. Draw up a picture timetable. Autistic kids relate to images more than the written word. Encourage peer tutoring and cooperative learning: When they mix with peers, they learn faster and better.

Talk to the parents of other kids in their class. Get their friends home. Let them work in peer study groups. This is a symbiotic relationship. And it's my personal faith that both groups of kids benefit. Create safe zones: Colour code your homes. Demarcate danger zones with RED. They will get the point. Look out for non-verbal clues: The autistic child is like a painting. He doesn't speak through his words. You need to interpret him, not just understand him. Look for patterns in his behaviour; watch out for the non-verbal clues. Don't stress yourself and the kid with therapy.

There is life beyond therapy. Have fun: Don't stress yourself and the kid with therapy. Enjoy his childhood like you would any child's. Create opportunities for him to smile, laugh and holler. The Lion had stayed there to help all the animals who lived in the forest to fight a fierce monster, and was now King of the Beasts. The worst that can happen to you if you fall in the water is a rusty joint or two.

You'll find them very interesting. The few that are left live in a small village nearby. You mean you can order a river on demand? Just like that?


As they approached the Pinheads' village, a few Pinhead children ran out to meet them. Dorothy could see why were called Pinheads. Their heads really were the size of a pin, and when they spoke, their voices were high and squeaky. We just hold our feet tightly together and jump onto the pin cushion and sink down to our heads. It is so cozy and warm, you wouldn't believe it. How do you think we could make a big raft for you giants?

We just make the raft out of match-sticks and thread, and when it's enlarged it looks like it's made out of big logs and rope. This magnifying glass is no ordinary magnifying glass, but has the ability to magnify things permanently. It was given to our ancestors by a male witch who had no further use for it. How would it be if everyone in Oz looked the same? All skinny or all fat, all tall or all short, all white or all yellow, all blue or all green, all --" "All right, all right! You've made your point," said the Scarecrow. Pinhead," said Dorothy.

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The world would be a very dull place if everyone looked the same. Imagine what it would be like if everyone looked exactly alike, thought exactly alike, and talked exactly alike! There would be no point to existence. We have this huge reservoir that was created by building a dam to capture the tears of a giant that was a bit of a cry-baby, to say the least. The slightest little hurt would set him off on a crying spell. The river even knows to avoid dwelling places and other inhabited areas, and to return immediately to the reservoir when its passengers have disembarked. After stepping aboard they barely had time to wave goodbye to their new friends as the river quickly whisked them on their way.

I'm glad it's not that deep," said the Tin Woodman, after they were underway. Do you think the raft will stay big? Oh dear, what if it gets little again? We'll all be spilled into the water! I see," said the Tin Woodman. Everyone laughed uproariously. Then the Tin Woodman broke into song They all looked up to see the Wicked Witch of the Deep South on a huge broomstick sweeping down on them. She had the ugliest, meanest face Dorothy had ever seen.

As her eyes met Dorothy's, she pointed a long bony green finger at her and screamed, "I'll get you, Deary! You killed my sisters. You'll never leave Oz alive! Everyone except Dorothy was shaking with fright. Dorothy was shaking too, inside, but she didn't show it. I think I see the Dainty Land of China.

We should be there in a few minutes. As the Dainty China Country came into view he became quite excited, but then a little confused. Sure enough, quite a large entourage was waiting by the dockside. Several china soldiers ran down to the raft as the Tin Woodman steered it into the dock. As everyone disembarked from the raft they heard a big whoosh as the river reversed course to return to its source.

They were immediately informed by the soldiers that the King and Queen wished to speak to them. The soldiers took Dorothy and her friends by the arms and escorted them to where the King and Queen were standing. It makes me very nervous to have you here. We had a high protective wall around us until a wicked witch zapped it off to some other realm out of spite. Now we are getting all kinds of riffraff wandering through our lands stepping on people willy-nilly. My army will escort you to the border to make sure you do not break anything, or anyone.

If you do, my soldiers will attack you, for that is what they are trained to do. The Captain dropped his sword with a clatter on the ground, breaking it into several pieces. My sword! The Captain of the Guard's face was red with anger and embarrassment. Before they break us all up! Of course, this didn't bother the Tin Woodman. In fact, several more swords were broken as the soldiers jabbed at him. However, they did hurt Dorothy. It felt like someone was sticking needles in her feet and ankles.

The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman attempted to defend Dorothy by waving their hands in the faces of the soldiers. The three ran as fast as their legs would allow and soon outdistanced the soldiers. Fortunately, they had run across a flat area devoid of houses and people. Otherwise they could have caused great damage. As they ran, they noticed the ground getting steeper and more slippery. Large china boulders were scattered everywhere. To make matters worse, a mist suddenly descended, making it difficult to see more than a few feet in front of them. The terrain rose sharply as they felt their way around some large rocks.

The Tin Woodman slipped and fell several times, but, of course, didn't hurt himself. However, the going was getting rough, and Dorothy was getting tired. The voices of the soldiers could now be heard in the distance, but through the mist Dorothy caught a glimpse of a little path winding its way up the mountain. Over this way," she said to her companions. The three managed to make their way over to the path.

The mountain path was a bit slippery, but not too steep. It was certainly a lot easier going. When they finally reached the top of the mountain, the mist had cleared. Apparently, the soldiers had decided against following them, for they could be clearly seen setting up camp at the base, thereby ensuring that Dorothy and her friends did not attempt to return the way they had come.

The view from the top of the mountain was quite beautiful. The china homes and farms was spread out in a colorful panorama below. The only barren part was the segment of land they had traversed to make their escape. As they started down the other side of the mountain, the path became extremely slippery and steep. Suddenly the Tin Woodman started to slide very fast.

He called out to Dorothy: "Help! I can't stop! Then Dorothy did the same. She and the Scarecrow sped down the mountain path so fast they caught up with the Tin Woodman. The impact caused him to fall backwards into Scarecrow's lap. As they neared the bottom, their descent slowed.

I suppose they'd be quite happy to be left entirely alone. Dorothy laughed as the Tin Woodman chased the Scarecrow around the sign. As he did so, Dorothy's eye caught what appeared to be another sign a little further on. The Tin Woodman knocked so hard that he almost knocked the sign down. Immediately there was a roar like thunder as a herd of animals descended on the sign from seemingly nowhere. And what strange looking animals they were: Each had a giraffe's head and neck, but an elephant's body. Also, they were pink in color, with large white and blue dots all over.

The leader of the Girrephalumps walked right up to Dorothy and said, "You knocked, madam? We are the official transportation of Oz Of course, we also clean upstairs windows and replace the light bulbs in street lights. But I am sure that at the moment it's transportation you want. Am I not correct? But we wish to confront the Wicked Witch of the Deep South and speak with her. The Girrephalumps all huddled together for several minutes. You will never get to Lion Country alone, for there are dangerous swamps, and only we know the way.

Besides, you would be very foolish to continue with this mission. You are not only endangering your own life, but also the lives of your companions. You must return at once! This is very important to us -- to all of Oz. This time they took much longer. At length he returned, but looked very solemn. But this is very unwise of you to insist on going on. If we are attacked we will desert you and you will die in the swamps. Do you understand? Two others did the same for the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow. Although the journey took almost two days, there were, fortunately, few incidents.

However, there was one particular situation that had left everyone more than a little shaky: The first indication that trouble was brewing was when a loud thumping sound could be heard in the distance. It sounded at first as if a bunch of people were beating on drums. But as the thumping got louder it became apparent that some sort of stampede was in progress. The Girrephalumps seemed ready to make a run for it when the deafening roar came to a sudden halt. Everyone looked at each other in complete bewilderment.

One moment they had been ready to run for their lives; now there was only a deathly silence. The Girrephalumps stood perfectly still for the longest time. Then their leader motioned his head slowly towards a wooded area where he had detected some movement. The strange thing is that they didn't exactly lumber towards the little group as one might expect. They were bobbing up and down in place as if they were all on trampolines. It then became apparent to all, that these were not ordinary bears, but were kangaroos with bear bodies, or, if you prefer, bears with kangaroo legs and tails.

It was the most incredible sight imaginable! One bear, larger than all the others, approached perhaps that is not the word to use, hopped would be more like it. He hopped over to the leader of the Girrephalumps and growled very loudly in Dorothy's face. Unfortunately, he had very bad breath which caused Dorothy to quickly turn away.

You will show the utmost respect. ER, Mr. Krizzlie Bear. I didn't mean to be disrespectful, sir. But I, I thought I was about to sneeze and didn't want to sneeze in your face. We don't like visitors. Didn't anyone tell you that? We have traversed these lands many times, and know every swamp and bog. And we have never come across another living creature. In fact, we thought this whole area was devoid of life. It is so barren and inhospitable, we didn't think anyone would want to live here. Is that what you're saying? Is it? We'll just eat you all up and that will end the argument immediately, if not sooner.

Don't you agree? Really," insisted the Girrephalump. You are disagreeing with me. I'd call that arguing, wouldn't you? Did you say Sir Bear? Is that what I heard you say? Sir Bear? I have recommended several knighthood's to her in the past and she has accepted every one without question. You say you will mention how kind I've been? And I will recommend a knighthood in the strongest of terms. Your title is guaranteed. You have my word as an officer and a gentleman! You are all free to go," said the bear. It was pretty funny, huh? If you just follow this little path, it will take you safely into Lion Country.

And goodbye and good luck to all of you. The Lion was laying by the fire, propped up on some cushions, roasting marshmallows. When he saw them approaching, he jumped up and bounded over to meet them. When he got to Dorothy, he gave her an extra big hug. I wasn't expecting to see you again. At least, not for a long time. Perhaps my longing to see you all again had something to do with it; I'm sure it did. But it seems I have a definite mission, and that is the real purpose for my being here.

Let us sit by the fire and I'll make you some hot chocolate and marshmallows and you can tell me all about it. The Lion listened intently without interruption. When Dorothy was finished, he thought for a moment: "You know," he said at length, "it's interesting to note that you have helped each of us here; you have helped the Munchkins and in fact all of Oz by getting rid of two very evil witches. And now you are ready to do battle again on behalf of our wonderful land.

We have much to be grateful for. It seems you are playing a very important role in the history of Oz. You are almost a savior. I don't want you to think of me as someone unusual. I am doing no more than any good friend would. Besides, I have grown to love Oz and all of you more than words can convey. There's no telling what she might do to everyone because of me. We'll stick by you through thick and thin. Everything will look a lot brighter in the morning. We'll discuss our plans right after breakfast. He ordered six leopards and six tigers to stand guard around the camp.

The Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow stood by Dorothy's bed they always stood guard at night because they don't need any sleep themselves.

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As she bit into one of the luscious soft fruits the juice burst forth with a flavor that can only be described as divine. Nothing, absolutely nothing she had ever tasted before could compare. Isn't it a beautiful day? The dew was glistening on the grass and there were pretty little wildflowers everywhere. Hundreds of birds of every variety were chirping away happily as they searched for their breakfast. The sweet early morning smell of the forest permeated the air, and running through the camp was a bubbling brook of crystal clear water with little fish happily darting about the little pools.

Yes, indeed," the Lion replied. No one knows what's there. The Lion shrugged. Very nice indeed. We'll have to head west through Octapongland, then southwest through Colorland. And Colorland?

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Octapong are people who, have eight feet but only one shoe. That one shoe goes clippity-clop, while the other feet go hippity-hop. With a hippity-hop and a bing-bang-boo, those Octapong are after you. If you see one, run, don't stop -- 'cause if you do, your shoes he'll cop. Must we go through Octapongland? You see," said the Lion, "Colorland is divided into seven Color Belts; each is a half mile wide. For example, the first color we will pass through will be the Red Belt. Now you should never go into the Red Belt feeling angry. We'd better look at the map again to see what comes after Colorland.

Dorothy peered at the map. But for you it will be an ordeal, believe me. They are cousins of the Octapong; and whereas the Octapong have eight feet, the Ticklemonsters have eight arms, and that makes forty fingers to tickle you with if they catch you. What on earth has food got to do with it? You see, the laughter energizes their skin molecules to give them energy and sustenance. Dorothy smiled. How long ago was their land discovered? This particular type of elf visits the mortal lands all the time. They do a lot of work there. I met a lot of Munchkins and some Quadlings, and all those other interesting people and animals and creatures.

I wonder how many varieties there are? It would be a monotonous land indeed without variety. But I don't think Oz will ever be fully explored. The Great Wizard who created Oz must be quite pleased with his creation. All worlds are created by him, and he loves every soul who resides in his creation: even the Wicked Witch of the Deep South. I don't know why some people are so filled with hatred. As I told you, Dorothy, ever since I've had a heart I've been having a lot of feelings, and I've been trying to understand why some people have a lot of love inside them, and enjoy helping others; while some only care about themselves.

Perhaps the people who can't feel love and compassion have no heart at all. There are lots of books on the subject, and sometimes the books contradict one another. Some talk about the slow evolution of tiny simple organisms into large complex organisms. While others talk of the instantaneous creation of complex organisms, for example, Adam and Eve -- who were, supposedly, the very first mortals.

It's all very complicated. That's why you've got a brain. Books are just people's ideas, No one can really prove anything. Even scientists differ in their analysis of the same evidence. And some of the things I've read, I agree with, and some I don't agree with. I know some people who have read only one book in which the creation of mortals is explained, and they say that version is true because the people who wrote it were inspired by the Great Wizard. Even if they didn't accept everything they read, they would at least be stimulated by the many ideas put forth.

I've heard that people who have a long established belief about something will often refuse to study all the available literature on the subject, but will close their minds off completely. They have made their minds up as to the truth of the matter, and don't want to hear another word on the subject. In other words, continue the search for truth all of our lives with an open mind.

After all; if he knows all Truth, he is going to guide us to it if we ask him. But he won't force it on us. But to be able to hear him, we have to go into a very quiet state within ourselves every day, and learn to communicate with him. We really must get underway if we are to accomplish our mission. I'll tell you what happened when we get to Colorland. We'll stay overnight in the Yellow Belt and I'll explain everything. The Winkies always subconsciously knew this.

In fact, when you take a test at school, be sure to wear yellow and you'll do very well on your test. We can take the Girrephalumps as far as Octapongland. After that we'll have to walk. The leading Girrephalump, who belonged to Dorothy, turned his head to her as she climbed aboard and said, "Forgive me if I don't talk, but I have a sore throat.

Mind you, none of us care to talk much," he continued. Don't worry," said the Girrephalump. I can't take too long or I'll get too far behind with my other work. If we get too far behind, people can't see out of their upstairs windows in the daytime; and when they're out at night they can't see what they're doing, so it's important work that we do. We'll probably be there by nightfall.

How would they like it if someone stole from them? And no one would hurt anyone either. Why, it would be heavenly. Don't your people want to be happy? Some even steal from others to get money to buy chemicals for their mind, for example. Then, in a desperate effort to feel better again, they take even more chemicals. Of course, they are doomed to repeat the cycle over and over. This causes great anguish -- not only for themselves -- but for their family and friends. It now directs the person's life. He or she has lost control, and is now a slave to this new master.

Not only that, some of these chemicals can affect the brain in such a way as to cause the person to do awful things to other people, or to themselves. At the very least their personality becomes distorted: they can have terrible mood swings, and their natural drive and creative ability severely diminished. Sometimes seizures, or even death can occur.

It's just the few that spoil things for the many. Then, by the time they grew up, all the bad adults would have died off. This all influences the children. And perhaps they will treat each other a lot better. And when they grow up they will be loving and kind to one another too, so that your country will be as happy a place as Oz. I hope I'll see you again soon. He sat down slowly while Dorothy slid down his back to the ground. The Octapong are very sneaky, so be alert. As they approached, the Octapong stopped their activity and turned to stare. Dorothy tried not to look at them, although at the same time she was very curious.

They were certainly strange creatures, with their eight legs and only one shoe. As they returned to their play, one could hear that shoe going clippity-clop, clippity-clop. Suddenly, Dorothy became aware of several adult Octapong gathering on each side of them as they walked. The Tin Woodman said, "Perhaps we should walk a little faster. And each foot with the shoe came down in unison to make a deafening crash on the ground. As Dorothy's group walked faster and faster, so did the Octapong, until everyone was running like the wind.

Suddenly they all came to a screeching halt as a huge brick wall loomed up in front of them. The brick wall stretched for miles right across Octapongland. There was no way anyone could escape. He appeared to be their leader. No one escapes the Octapong. You see, my dears, with the help of our trapping wall here, and our little system of running you into it, we are guaranteed a fresh supply of shoes every time anyone crosses our land.

Now, off with your shoes," he shouted. You, too," he said to the Scarecrow. Who do you think you are? We'll let you go this time. And with that, he walked over to the wall and said "You may go through. They all stood there looking more puzzled than ever. Just then, the Octapong returned to view, having walked back through the wall again. You see, all matter is made of atoms, which are tiny particles of electricity. There are very large spaces between these atoms even though the material appears solid. We have magnetized the atoms in these bricks in such a way that they push away the atoms of any other material that comes in contact with them.

So when the atoms of your body come close to the atoms in the bricks, they just step aside so to speak and slide through the empty spaces. It's quite simple, really. And it works very well. So well, in fact, that not one person has ever tried to walk through that wall. They all believe the wall to be solid -- so for them, it is. With that, they all walked into the wall and disappeared. As they reappeared on the other side of the wall, Dorothy remarked on the strange sensation.

The border of Octapongland was just a short distance away, and they all breathed a sigh of relief when they reached it. After they crossed the border, they all sat down to discuss the situation. Besides, you got us out of the situation, didn't you? The Tin Woodman opened the little door in his side, pulled out the map, and spread it out on the ground. Dorothy walked down to a little stream close by and sat down on its grassy bank.

Little wildflowers were everywhere, and the crystal-clear water bubbled with life as it cascaded into a miniature waterfall. She cupped her hands together, dipped them into the water, and took a long, cool drink. Mmmm, the water tasted so good. As she sat, she studied the little flowers, their delicate, tiny petals were in perfect symmetry; each tinted with the colors of the rainbow. The colors were just breathtaking! So rich, so vibrant, so alive. She noticed a rose in bud, and gently touched it and wished that it would bloom.

As she did, little blue sparks appeared at her fingertips and, ever so slowly, the bud unfolded to reveal the most beautiful rose she had ever seen. She lay back on the ground, closed her eyes, and listened to the water bubbling and splashing. She concentrated on the delicate fragrances of the flowers, and the sweet smell of the grass. She could hear birds chirping away happily in the distance. A beautiful feeling came over her: a peace she had never known before.

She became one with nature. She knew that all mankind, all nature, was one as she fell asleep. She heard a voice say, "Move over please, move over. Would you move over please? You're blocking the entrance to my home. He reappeared a moment later and looked quizzically at Dorothy. It's not too often that I have a guest for tea.

I'd love to," replied Dorothy. Well," he said brightly, "we'll soon take care of that problem. Just stay right where you are. He then laid out the tablecloth on the grass, opened up the picnic basket, and handed Dorothy a bright yellow cup and saucer. He then returned to his hole and reappeared promptly with a bright yellow teapot on a bright yellow tray. You see," he explained, "we Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebugs must absorb a great deal of yellow if we are to keep our pretty yellow fur.

Otherwise it would fade very quickly to a dirty brown color like the other animals. We are very proud of our color; we surround ourselves with yellow so that we constantly absorb it. You see, some of the other animals don't like us; they are quite jealous of our bright yellow color, and can be quite hurtful at times. We are personalities just like them, but they don't choose to see beyond our color, so they won't have much to do with us. Why, just the other day, my little girl was playing at school with a little brown girl bear she had become friends with, when the other bigger brown bears took the little girl brown bear aside and said, 'Why are you playing with that Yellow Wogglebug?

Not very conducive to becoming a happy well-adjusted person.

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Yet many people fail to see it. I was just discussing this with my friends. People are often their own worst enemy. They are at the mercy of their thoughts, so to speak. They do not make a concentrated effort to control their thoughts, so their thoughts control them. After all, everyone wants to be warm and dry, and to be well fed and secure. So our thoughts, quite naturally, center on our own feelings.

But as a consequence, we can become self-centered, even selfish. Some people can take selfishness to the point of depriving others of their basic needs so they can acquire more for themselves. A good example of this is a Dictator of a country amassing for himself a fortune, while the majority of his people are starving to death. Or a business which is not satisfied with a reasonable rate of return, but extracts an exorbitantly high profit at the expense of people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Now, there is nothing wrong with using one's own talents to make a pleasant life for one's self; to acquire a nice home, and to have an abundant life, for we are meant to enjoy life. But this abundant and joyous life cannot come by taking from others what is not rightfully ours to take; but can only come by maintaining a fair exchange of each other's goods and services, and by leaving the element of greed out of all transactions. Thoughts that are greedy thoughts are our mortal enemy.

Now, if it is a good thought, like, say When it hits your Aunt Em, it will burst and shower her with little explosions of pure love. But if you have a lot of negative thoughts yourself, you will attract them to you and they will make you more negative; so you must think positive thoughts. Be happy, optimistic and cheerful; loving and kind. And as long as you do that, these negative thoughts will never come near you -- for they cannot stand the light that positive thoughts are made of.

So when you go through Negativethoughtland, visualize light all around you -- this will protect you. Learn to do that every day as you walk to school. Put light around your house in Kansas every night. Be enthusiastic. Face each day with determination and know that you can master any problem that the day may bring. As you go through life you will face many difficulties So just take one day at a time and do the best you can with that day -- that's all that is expected of you. Each day that you live, you can be earning your way to a better place -- a better life. But you must do the earning yourself; you must do the work.

No one else can do it for you. Don't say, 'I'm going to be perfect,' or 'I'll never lose my temper again,' or 'I'll never do this or that again. Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebug," smiled Dorothy, "you may not have much of an education, but you have a great deal of wisdom and understanding. Some educated people don't have that. It's good to think, don't you agree? By the way, may I ask you a question? Don't you like it? And you are not a bug, exactly. We worked mainly in the fields. We harvested the wheat and the corn, the rye, et cetera. Our daily pay was six pennies and a pocket full of rye or wheat -- whatever we were harvesting at the time of course, money is no longer necessary in Oz, as you know and you're right, we're not bugs at all.

We're animals; anyway, we came to be known as Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebugs and that name is now our official title. Also, we are on good terms with the commonly-known Wogglebug insects, and consider it an honor to share the name with those industrious creatures. Would you like to hear the famous Wogglebug song? We used to sing it in the fields while we worked, and it's still very popular today. The Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebug cleared his throat and said, "It goes like this.

We sing a song of sixpence with a pocket full of rye, We're Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebugs, we'll woggle 'til we die. We're Fuzzy Yellow Wogglebugs, we'll woggle 'til we die -- Hey! Dorothy turned to her little Wogglebug friend, but he had disappeared, too. She bent down and tapped at his little door.

The door opened, and the yellow wogglebug's face appeared. But I must get recharged. My yellow is beginning to fade, and I wouldn't want you to see me without my yellow. I'd just be plain old ordinary brown. It's you I love, you know. I hope to see you again very soon. Very much. Where are you? I'd love to see Aunt Em's face if that happened. She could just see the expression on Uncle Henry's face as she introduced her friends to him. And if she took them all to school, how exciting that would be. Her school friends would really be surprised to see a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion walking around and talking.

As it was, she knew no one would believe her when she did return. She knew that she really would not be able to tell anyone about her adventures. They just would say she had been dreaming like the last time. I see some of the other colors, too. It looks like a big rainbow on the ground. She was having a really exhilarating time. She felt somehow she was undergoing a learning experience, and felt good about it.

She realized, thinking back on her life, that it was all a learning experience. That she was learning and growing and expanding in awareness and understanding. She sensed that somehow there was a guiding force behind her life, gently nudging her into different directions and into different experiences.

She felt that it was important to somehow try to get in tune with this force and not to get upset when things did not go exactly her way, but to accept gracefully the bad with the good and to try to learn from each experience. She sensed that if she did this, and especially if she asked for guidance each day, that perhaps some of the bad experiences that she was yet to go through in her life might not be as harsh as they otherwise would have been. She realized that her own attitude during each experience was the key to the whole thing. If she allowed herself to become agitated and upset over every little thing that happened, or over the way other people behaved or talked, her life would be one of constant turmoil.

But if she maintained a positive, optimistic attitude and did not allow the negativity of others to affect her, and if she tried to understand the motivation behind others' actions and words and tried to help them where she could, her own life would be happier and more meaningful. She knew that a great deal of what others said or did was through lack of understanding. As they approached the Red Belt, Dorothy could sense a strange vibration. It was not at all unpleasant; in fact, as they got closer, she felt a warm glow all over.

As they were about to enter, a young lady appeared in front of them. She was tall and beautiful, with long black hair, and wore a robe of pure white. As she spoke, her dark eyes flashed with merriment. It is a pleasure to see you all. I am to be your guide through Colorland. Please feel free to ask questions; I know you will find this to be a most pleasant and enjoyable experience.

As they all walked into the Red Belt, the feeling of heat became stronger. It was not a hot heat, but more of an intense glow. Breathe the red deeply, relax and see every cell of your body and mind bathed in the red. As you breathe the red out again slowly, let your consciousness become one with the red, and visualize every cell of your body renewed and vibrant and full of energy.

Do this two or three times, and I'm sure you will feel much better. If you wish to help a friend or relative who is tired or rundown, visualize them bathed in the red and see them as vibrant, energetic and happy; be sure to feel a lot of love toward them as you do this, and I'm sure they will be helped. Now, we mustn't stay too long in any one color; you can get too much of a good thing; we must keep a balance.

Before we go into the Orange Belt let me explain the negative aspects of the red. Since it is an energy color, a person who is angry or very upset creates a great deal of it around himself for as long as he allows himself to be in that discordant state of mind. This would not be a good time to visualize the red around that person.

By the same token, an excitable person who is easily upset should not wear clothing that is red in color. Now, you may quiet emotionally disturbed people by surrounding them with the color blue. If someone becomes angry with you, don't be angry back, but see that person bathed in a cool blue light. Now, if you are all ready, we will enter the Orange Belt. Do you feel the power as you breathe in? See this golden orange color in your lungs sending its vital energy into your bloodstream and carrying that energy to every cell of your body.

Feel yourself filled with vitality and enthusiasm. How do you feel? As they walked into the yellow, they could feel a cheerful mood coming on. Dorothy could feel her skin tingling. It also has a cleansing effect on the skin. It has a quieting effect on the nerves and stimulates the mental faculties. I didn't know that each color had a different effect on you. Not too long ago these people were burned at the stake by those who feared them. One always fears what one doesn't understand. Even today these people do not say too much, as they know that much of what they might say would not be accepted.

However, for one such as yourself who has an open and curious mind, books are available on these subjects and can be found. And if we're not happy with the answer to something, we should find out more about it. Any further questions can be answered before you leave Colorland. All right, let's begin," said the princess. As she spoke, a chair appeared behind each of them.

Place your hands upon your knees and turn the palms of your hands upwards. Now, close your eyes and think of the sun; feel its light and warmth on your face; now think of the Great Wizard standing in the middle of the sun. You can't see Him, but you know He's there. Feel his warmth and love pouring down on you. Breathe in that light. As you breathe in the light, visualize a little bright light inside you, like a tiny sun. See that little light inside you grow brighter and brighter until you are filled with this great light. Within this light are all the colors of the rainbow. You may send this great light within you to anyone you know who is sad, or not feeling well, or perhaps you have a pet cat or dog, or even a horse you want to help -- this light can be used for any purpose, to help anyone, even to make your plants and flowers grow beautifully.

Remember, as you send this light, feel that beautiful love in your heart. Become one with the light. There are many ways to do this, but I think you will especially like this one. Imagine a little door in the middle of the light inside you. As you look at the door, you see some words on it. You take the chain off over your head and place the key in the lock, turn it, and open the door.

You walk inside and close the door behind you; then you place the key back in the lock and lock the door from the inside. You then put the chain back around your neck. As you turn to observe your secret place, you hear the most beautiful music and feel an outpouring of love showering down upon you. You are filled with a joy and peace that you have never known before. This is your secret place; no one can enter without your permission. Perhaps a beautiful sandy seashore. The surf gently tumbles over the rocks and sends a fine spray of salty mist into your face -- you can even taste the salt in the spray.

Everything smells so fresh and clean. The soft sand under your feet is pure white, and as you walk into the wet sand, the surf gently laps over your feet. Wherever your favorite place is, take the time to enjoy your surroundings -- the colors of the flowers, the shapes and textures of different objects and materials. And be still -- listen to sounds, such as the surf, a waterfall or a fountain splashing. Smell the aroma of a thousand flowers, of freshly cut grass. Just drink everything in and enjoy it.

You may keep the same secret place or change as you wish. But wherever you are, visualize yourself as laying down or sitting down and closing your eyes and relaxing. Don't try to control or stop your random thoughts - let them gradually settle down and become very still. Think of the feeling of love inside you, of the beauty of a flower. Think of the Great Wizard as a loving father, who wants you to be happy. Imagine as you think of Him, a soft blue light appearing in front of you, and ever so slowly the blue light takes the form of a majestic being in a beautiful white robe.

As the face forms, you observe the kindest eyes you have ever seen. You feel waves of pure love radiating toward you. These waves of love are so strong that tears fill your eyes and roll down your cheeks. I have known you from the beginning, but you would not take the time to become ever so still in order to seek me; for you had forgotten me.

Now that we are together again, we must maintain contact. This is your sanctuary. You can be alone here. It is good for you to come here each day, and when you wish to speak with me, know that I always hear you. In time, as you become ever so still, you may see images, which as you learn to interpret them, will bring answers to your questions.

These images and symbols are my way of communicating with you. Of course, you might at times also hear my voice. He needs you very much.