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She knows nothing about being a wife, nothing about how to run a household, and definitely nothing about the marriage bed. From the moment Ross MacKay sets eyes on Annabel, he is taken with his shy, sweet bride But when an enemy endangers her life, he'll move the Highlands themselves to save her. Masquerading as a titled, English lady, Ava must convince the cynical and darkly handsome chief of the Macleans of Aros to wed her before the devil tracks her down. Tor Maclean, the new chief of Aros Castle, has sworn off marriage after his first wife tricked him into it. Despite his efforts to scare away the Englishwoman, his father arranged for him to wed, Tor is drawn to her fire, courage, and beauty.

Raised by a tyrannical father, Marion de Lacy yearns for the comfort of belonging to a loving family. So when her father announces her betrothal to an evil knight in exchange for his help to overthrow the king, she concocts a desperate scheme to avoid the marriage: feigning her own death and then fleeing England.

But when her plan goes terribly awry and she's captured by the knight, not even her careful preparations could ready her for the Scottish barbarian who rescues her and then informs her that he's to marry her. After losing his betrothed, Ceana, to a Lowlander, Laird Gabriel MacKinnon is charged with saving her cousin along with a brood of children from an impenetrable castle. Though the lady he's been tasked with protecting has been accused of a heinous crime, Gabriel has no fear of her.

In fact he's a little irritated at the prospect of delivering her to her kin. But this hardened, cold warrior just may find his heart melting, for the hellion brings out a passionate side he'd thought long buried.

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Maggie Ramsay has never forgotten Randall Baines, the English lord who tormented her beloved sister when they were children. After her sister is injured in a senseless accident, she decides to make Baines pay for what he did Her brother's mysterious friend joins her as soon as she leaves her clan alone, insisting on keeping her safe, and when they reach Baines's castle, she learns the lord is now an earl and his cruelty to women and lassies has only escalated.

The discovery fills her with a fire that will not be banked. As the bloody war rages on, enemies on both sides of the fight surround him, and Robert must dance a dangerous line between truth and deception. One misstep could topple his nation and cost him his life, yet one woman tempts him - and threatens his mission - as no other ever has. When Akira Ayres finds the brawny Scot with a musket ball in his thigh, the healer has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to save his life. Even if it means fleeing with him across the Highlands to tend to his wounds while English redcoats are closing in.

Though Akira is as fierce and brave as any of her clansmen, even she's intimidated by the fearsome, brutally handsome Highlander who refuses to reveal his name. Ansel Sutherland is charged with a mission from King Robert the Bruce to protect the illegitimate son of a powerful English earl. Though Ansel bristles at aiding an Englishman, the nature of the war for Scottish independence is changing, and he is honor bound to serve as a bodyguard. He arrives in England to fulfill his assignment, only to meet the beautiful but secretive Lady Isolda, who refuses to tell him where his ward is.

Fleeing with only her bow, horse, enormous pet wolf, and the cryptic clues hidden in her mother's medicine journal, healer Meg Boswell gallops north towards freedom, running from the man who falsely accused her mother of witchcraft. Cursed with magical healing abilities, Meg knows that if she's captured, she will die like her mother-atop a blazing witch's pyre. Darach MacKenzie vowed never again to let a woman near his heart after his betrothed betrayed him. It sparked an intense feud between his clan and the Frasers, and now he can't be distracted - not even by a sweet and charming lass who desperately needs his help.

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When Darach rescued Caitlin MacInnes from the clutches of vile Laird Fraser, she vowed to never let men or misery rule her life again. With Darach and the MacKenzie clan, Caitlin finally feels safe. Highlander's True Love. Mistress of The Storm. Highland Savage. Wicked Lords of London Books Tammy Andresen.

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The King's Executioner. Temptation in a Kilt. A Storm of Passion. Angel of Skye. The Trouble with Highlanders. Highland Sinner. The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation. The Conundrum of a Clerk. Linda Rae Sande. Return of the Highlander. The Beast of Aros Castle.

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Embraced By A Highlander. The Duke's Fallen Angel. Amy Jarecki. The Rogue. A Highlander's Heart. A Perfect Plan. Alyssa Drake. Highland Promise. Highland Master. Highland Awakening. The Highland Duke. The Beast of Clan Kincaid. Lily Blackwood. The Rogue of Islay Isle. The Accidental Highland Hero. The Highlander. A Storm of Pleasure. Highlander The Demon Lord. Highlander's Conquest. The Highlander's Stolen Bride.

Eliza Knight. Protected by the Laird. Claimed by the Warrior. The Highlander's Hellion. Dark Side of the Laird. Highlander Unraveled.

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    The Rock. Monica McCarty. Highland Spitfire. My Heart's in the Highlands.

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    Angeline Fortin. Conqueror's Kiss. Highlander Unbroken. Highland Promise. Highland Protector. The Ghost.

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    Temptation in a Kilt. Kilts and Daggers. Sutherland's Secret. Sharon Cullen. The Wolf of Kisimul Castle. The Striker. Return of the Highlander. Julianne MacLean. A Storm of Love - A Novella. Terri Brisbin. The Trouble with Highlanders. Highland Champion. The Rogue. Highland Hearts. A Highlander's Heart. My Captive Highlander. The Rogue of Islay Isle. The King's Executioner. Black Raven's Lady. Kathleen Harrington. My Wild Highlander. Highland Conqueror.

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    Highlander's True Love. The Chieftain. Highland Warrior. Seducing the Highlander. Michele Sinclair. Highland Guard. Highland Honor. Highland Avenger. The Highlander Takes a Bride. Tempting the Highlander. Highland Groom.