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Kippers, the breakfast dish that fell out of favour, are back on British menus

Property news. I never saw anyone in Texas or anywhere else in America eat kippers for breakfast. The very fact that I had no idea what that meant was exactly what made it alluring, aspirational. I wanted people to think I was eating them.

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Eating kippers for breakfast was something that happened in England, not America. Hodgson was trying to evoke what it was like to try to imagine the unimaginable — what life was like where I already lived.

I was already living the unimaginable. An entirely implausible fantasy that is nonetheless perfectly characteristic. As Americans, we still expect to be seen as having anything anyone else could imagine wanting. The point of being an American, as it is refracted back to Americans, is that you live in the most thoroughly stocked marketplace in the world, an efficient engine for realizing desires, imagination, experiences as products available to anyone who chooses to afford them.