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How to Write Telegrams Properly. Haldeman-Julius, E. Literary Essays. Everyman: A Morality Play. The Art of Reading. Is Progress an Illusion? Lowell, O. Esperanto for Beginners. A History of Sculpture. Mason, John. Evolution Made Plain. Moritzen, Julius. Goldberg, Isaac. The Essence of Confucianism. The Strange Notes of Samuel Butler. Van Deventer, Betty. Lives of Chorus Girls. Harvey, Alexander. Essays on Sophocles.

How to Develop Your Sense of Humor. Hints on Animal Husbandry. The Stone Age. Verne, Jules. Five Weeks in a Balloon. Condensed by Charles J. Marryat, Captain. The Privateersman. Hints on Raising Farm Crops. A Voyage to the Moon. Hints on Soils and Fertilizers. Thomas Carlyle's Philosophy of Clothes. Woodworth, John. How Not to Be a Wallflower. Yiddish Short Stories. Psychology for Beginners. New Discoveries in Science. Siegfried, No. Hints on Writing One-Act Plays. Legends of Greek and Roman Heroes. Greek and Roman Mythology.

Box 9 Smith, Lloyd E. A Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Milburn, George. How to Tie All Kinds of Knots. Drawings by Hans Kueffer. Alexander Harvey. A Short History of the Civil War. Dabney, Virginius. Proverbs of West Africa. Compiled by C. Richard Wagner, An Introduction. Thomas, James B. A Guide to Bergson. The Ancient Regime. Darrow, Clarence and Will Durant.

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Are We Machines? King Oedipus. Voltaire and the French Enlightenment. The Travels of Marco Polo. Hints on Writing Poetry. Paquin, Helene. How to Make All Kinds of Candy. A Guide to Rabelais. A Guide to Spinoza. Gold, Michael. Life of John Brown. Life of Thomas Paine. Life of Benjamin Franklin. Death: and Its Problems. Woman the Criminal. Camoens: Central Figure of Portuguese Literature Essays on Jesus. Essays on the Friends of Jesus. Powys, Llewelyn. Honey and Gall.

Lardner, George E. How to Play Golf. Free Fantasia on Books and Reading. Robin Hood and His Merry Men. Zorrilla, Francisco de Rojas. None Beneath the King. Passion Stories of Many Hues. Brightly Colored Tales of Love's Desires. Essays on Power and Behavior. Essays on Experience and Politics. Essays on Character and Manners. Essays on Spiritual Laws and Circles.

Essays on History and Intellect. Essays on Beauty and Worship. Essays on Fate and Illusions. Essays on Wealth and Culture. A Child's Garden of Verses. The Structure of the Earth. Floyd, Esther. Hints on Etiquette. Box 10 Shipley, Maynard. Is the Moon a Dead World?

Great Pirates. Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. Bender, C. African Jungle Tales. New Light on Prehistoric Cultures. Volney, [Constantine Francois]. Ruins of Empires. John Mason. Magellan and the Pacific. Darwin as a Naturalist. Darwin and the Theory of Evolution. Gotterdammerung, No. IV of the Nibelung's Ring. Flaubert, Gustave. The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller. Alexander, Arch B. Kant's Critical Philosophy. Gay, John. The Beggar's Opera. The Gist of Herbert Spencer.

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The Christian System, and Other Essays. Essays in Ethics. The Encheiridion, or Manual. Eliot, George. The Lifted Veil. Viereck, George Sylvester. The Haunted House and Other Poems. The Three Sphinxes and Other Poems. A History of Polar Exploration and Adventure. Mallock, W. Lucretius on Life and Death. Philosophic Nights in Paris.

Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle, Volume I. The Jungle, Volume II. The Jungle, Volume IV. The Jungle, Volume V. The Jungle, Volume VI. The Pot Boiler. Allen, James. As a Man Thinketh. The Overman. Beerbohm, Max. The Happy Hypocrite. Parker, Kermit E. A History of Modern Mexico. Ernst Haeckel: Evolutionist. A Short History of the American Revolution.

Ernst Haeckel: Philosopher-Naturalist. Haeckel's Monistic Philosophy. The Essence of the Bible. Selected and ed. Recollections of Oscar Wilde. The Great Pyramid of Egypt. Life of Theodore Roosevelt. Seymour, Flora Warren. The Indians of the Pueblos. The First French Republic. Hayes, James Juvenal. How to Play Chess. Solving the Mystery of the Comets. The Origin and Development of the Atomic Theory. Are the Planets Inhabited? Vedder, Henry C. Life of Martin Luther. Disraeli: England's Novelist-Premier. Box 11 Randolph, Vance.

Ancient Philosophers. Religious Philosophers. Modern Philosophers. Scott, Sir Walter. The Lady of the Lake. Glaubert, Gustave. Hamilcar: Great Man of Carthage. Wordsworth, William. Marlowe, Christopher. The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's Progress. The Wit and Wisdom of Disraeli. The Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Mark. Negro Songs: An Anthology.

A Short History of the Jews. The Making of the Old Testament. Shannon, John W. Hand-book of Legal Forms. The Second-Story Man. The Naturewoman. The Machine. Prince Hagen. Drummond, Henry. The Greatest Thing in the World. George, Henry. The Crime of Poverty. The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

New Atlantis. Terse Truths About the Riddle of Life. Poem of the Cid Volume I. Archer M. Poem of the Cid Volume II. Goddard, Glorla. Confidential Chats With Wives. The Spirit of Brazilian Literature. Adamic, Louis. The Truth About Los Angeles. The Facts About Rejuvenation. A Defence of Cosmetics. Bonus, Daniel H. How to Psycho-Analyze Yourself. Evans, Imperial Wizard, Israel Zangwill, and others. What Every Boy Should Know. Toasts for All Occasions. Clarice Cunningham. Dreiser, Theodore. My Brother Paul and W.

Amusing Answers to Correspondents, and Other Pieces. Journalism in Tennessee, and Other Humorous Sketches. Letters to Sarah Bernhardt. Sylvestre Dorian. Bernhardt, Sarah. Dorian, Sylvestre. Humorous Fables. Billings, Josh. Humorous Epigrams. Comical Lexicon, and Other Amusing Skits. Moral Discourses. Box 12 Boccacio, [Giovanni]. Illicit Love, and Other Stories. Boccacio, [Giovanni]. Tales of Love and Life.

The Falcon, and Other Tales. Philosophy of Love. Love Letters to Pierre Berton. Russell, Bertrand. What Can a Free Man Worship? Haldeman-Julius the Man and His Work. Chemistry for Beginners. Louis Pasteur, the Man and His Work. Spelling Self Taught. Grammar Self Taught. Punctuation Self Taught. Jung, Rabbi Leo. Essence of Judaism. Herts, B. Practical Hints on Interior Decoration. Fenton, Mildred Adams and Carroll Lane. Records of Evolution. Reiss, Louis and William J. Teeth and Mouth Hygiene. Woman's Sexual Life. Man's Sexual Life. The Child's Sexual Life. Homo-Sexual Life.

New Experiments in Animal Psychology. The Evidence for Evolution. Embryology and Its Evidence for Evolution. How to Pronounce Proper Names. Hecht, Ben. Tales of Chicago Streets. Broken Necks, and Other Stories. A Guide to Schopenhauer. Herrick, Robert. Cup-Bearers of Wine and Hellebore. Physiology Self Taught. Steiner, Franklin. Epigrams of Love, Life and Laughter. Selected and trans. Sociology for Beginners. Botany for Beginners. The Sociology of Lester Ward. Odd Facts About American Life. Shelley and the Women He Loved.

Byron and the Women He Loved. Emerson: The Man and His Works. Auction Bridge for Beginners. Modern Sexual Morality.

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Great Women of Antiquity. Poetry of the Southern States. The Intelligence of Invertebrate Animals. The Intelligence of Vertebrate Animals. Electricity and Life. Nearing, Scott and Bertrand Russell. Soviet Form of Government. Lindsey, Ben B. Address at the Grave of Luther Burbank. Box 13 Randolph, Vance.

Zoology Self Taught. Drawings by Peter Quinn. Simple Facts About Venereal Diseases. The Psychology of the Affections. Life Among the Bees. Poe, [Edgar Allan]. Headen, Josephine. How to Budget the Family Income. The Spirit of Yiddish Literature. Lobato, Monteiro.

Brazilian Short Stories. Selected and arr. A Book of Useful Phrases. Joubert, Joseph. Thoughts on the Meaning of Life. Franklin, Benjamin. Poor Richard's Almanac. Tales in Verse of Terror and Wonder. Bryant, William Cullen. Whittier, John Greenleaf. Great Christian Hymns. Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Montes: the Matador. A Daughter of Eve. Del Riccio, Luigi. Barrett, Lawrence A. Elementary Plane Geometry Self Taught. Spears, Raymond S. Helpful Hints for Hikers. Cheyney, Ralph. Hints on How to Merchandise. Adamic, Louis and others. Church, Ralph W. The Essence of Catholicism.

An International Dictionary of Authors. Pinchon, Edgcumb. Life Among Hollywood's "Extra" Girls. The Story of the Sioux Indians. The Frogs. How to Conquer Stupidity. Genry T. Food and Diet in Relation to Life and Health. Frank, Henry and Percy Ward. The Gist of Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy. Hints on Writing Book-Reviews. Life of Francis of Assisi. Scnitzler, Arthur. Gallant Cassain. The Best Jokes About Lawyers. Life of Thomas Jefferson.

Vestal, Stanley. Adventures of Kit Carson: Frontier Hero. Nye, "Bill. The Philosophy of Herbert Spencer. Heine, Heinrich. Pictures of Travel. Famous German Poems. Byrne, C. First Aid for Investors. Miller, A. Hibschman, Harry. The Riddle of Human Behavior. The Environment of Life. The Fitness of Life. Harrington, Gerard. Catholicism and Sex. Mandalay, and Other Poems. Association Tests Used in Psycho-Analysis. Box 14 Scott, Sir Walter. Foreward and notes by Lloyd E.

Catherine the Great and Her Lovers. The Harlot's House and Other Poems. White, Walter. The American Negro and His Problems. Eagin, Frank O. A Digest of U. Marriage and Divorce Laws. Villon, Francois. Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Poems and Ballads. Davidson, John. A Ballad of a Nun, and Other Poems. Cramp, Arthur J. The "Patent Medicine" and the Public Health. Gunga Din, and Other Poems. Life Among the Butterflies. Twenty Years Among African Negroes. Religious and Ethical Beliefs of African Negroes. The Deserted Village.

Clyde K. Guardia, Ricardo Fernandez. Costa Rican Tales. Booker, Anton S. Freud on Sleep and Sexual Dreams. Beekeeping for Profit. The Nature of Science. Maris, Faith. African Negro Folk Tales. Man's Debt to the Sun. Haldeman-Julius, Marcet. Some Polite Scandals of Parisian Life. Genetics for Beginners. An Introduction to Heredity. Cunningham, Clarice. How to Raise and Train Cats and Dogs. A Book of Familiar Quotations. Slected and arr. Popular Shakespearian Quotations. Her Burning Secret. Life Among the Dragonflies. A Book of Strange Murders. Best Jokes About Married Life.

How to Improve Your Vocabulary. Rhetoric Self Taught. English Composition Self Taught. Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. Manis, J. Proverbs of Turkey. More Animals of Ancient Lands. Life Among the Apes and Monkeys. The Wisdom of the Ages and Other Stories. Conrad Seiler. Darrow, Clarence S. The Life and Poems of Catullus. Life Among the Ants. A Handbook of Useful Tables.

Perrault, Charles. Bluebeard, Cinderella, and Other Tales. Retold by Lloyd E. Middleton, Lamar. Life Among Parisian Puppets of Fashion. Anatole France: the Man and His Work. Nordau, Max. Conventional Lies of Our Civilization. The Future of Religion. Best Jokes of Darrow, Clarence and Thomas V. Can the Individual Control His Conduct? Box 15 Swift, Jonathan. A Voyage to Lilliput. Goddard, Gloria. Womanhood: the Facts of Life Revealed to Women. Card Games and How to Play Them. Poems About Jesus. Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Bad Habits and How to Break Them. Sources of Bible Myths and Legends.

Ryder, David Warren, William Charles, and others. What Is Wrong With the Newspapers? How to Know the Song Birds. Life of Ignatius Loyola. How to Write Letters for All Occasions. Arithmetic Self Taught Part I. The Psychology of Leadership. The Enjoyment of Music. Our Insect Enemies. Tripp, Newell R. Behaviorism: the Newest Psychology. German Self Taught. The Brothers Adelphi. Lay, Wilfrid.

Confidential Chats With Husbands. Anderson, Sherwood. Hands, and Other Stories. Main Street Tales. The Untold Lie, and Other Stories. Cicero As Revealed in His Letters. Some General Hints on Self-Improvement. The Best Jokes of Aubrey C. Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise. A Manual of Parliamentary Law. Dwellers of the Ponds. The Lower Invertebrate Animals. Condon, Edward. Curiosities of Mathematics. French Cooking for Amateurs. The Empire of Napoleon. The Best Jokes About Preachers. Interior Decorating for the Small Home.

The Psychology of Character Building. Seneca, [Lucius Annaeus]. Darrow, Clarence and Alfred J. Debate on Capital Punishment. Darrow, Clarence and John Haynes Holmes. Debate on Prohibition. The Piece of String and Other Stories. The Necklace and Other Stories. Jokes and Clever Sayings About Kissing.

Lloyed E. Nietzsche, [Friedrich Willheim]. Selected by Charles Weisberg. Oppenheim, James. How to Develop Your Basic Talent. Mendes, Catulle. Follies of Lovers. Five Hundred Riddles. Selected by Lloyd E. Cheyney, E.

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Hints on How to Advertise. Astronomy for Beginners. Box 16 Steele, Wilbur Daniel. The Wages of Sin and Six Dollars. The Enjoyment of Reading. Steele, Wilbur Daniel. An Arabian Marriage and "Arab Stuff. Woman: the Eternal Primitive. A Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases. Pusey, Wm. Sex Symbolism. A Dictionary of Biblical Allusions. Iphigeneia at Aulis. Sexual Obsessions of Saints and Mystics. Brief Burlesques and Epigrams. Amorous Tales of the Monks. Dickinson et al. Translated into rhymed English by John Addington Symonds. Edited by Leo Markun. Tan cover with green print.

Cover with pink crosshatch pattern. Edited by Charles Finger. Grey cover with graphic and red print. Tan cover with red print. Balmforth, Ramsden Evolution vs. Cover illustration with orange crosshatch pattern. Howe, E. De Leon, Daniel Socialism vs. Catholicism People's Pocket Series No. Heloise et al. Cover with blue crosshatch pattern and red print. Edited by Julius Goebel. Seligman and Nearing Debate on Capitalism vs. Knopf, S. Murry, Gilbert The Stoic Philosophy.

People's Pocket Series No. Theodore M. Byron et al. Collected and Edited by Clarice Cunningham. Large print on cover with green crosshatch pattern. Huxley, T. Aphorisms People's Pocket Series No. Black cover with illustration. Chesterton, G. Essays Little Blue Book No.

Shakespeare, William King Henry V. Large print on cover with blue crosshatch pattern. Harris, Frank Contemporary Portraits: Volume 2. Shipley, Maynard Is Death Inevitable? Harris, Frank Contemporary Portraits: Volume 4. Edited by George Milburn. Cover illustration with green crosshatch pattern. Edited, with an Introduction, by Charles J. Twain et al. Compiled by Charles J. Austen et al. Housman, A. Barrie, J. Compiled by E. Yeats, W. Purple cover. Stock, St. Introduction by Charles J. Cover with red crosshatch pattern. Cover with purple crosshatch pattern. Proverbs of Hindustan Pocket Series No.

Gathered By Champak C. Croker et al. Ferguson et al. Proverbs of India Pocket Series No. Compiled by Champak C. Translated from the French by Keene Wallis. Power, R. Hints on Farming Pocket Series No. Cover illustration with gray crosshatch pattern. Translated from the original French by Keene Wallis. Holborn, I. Authorized Translation from the Yiddish by Isaac Goldberg.

Translated by Charles B. Collected and Arranged by Jules Beaujoint. Drawings by Hans Kueffer. Selected by Isaac Goldberg. Red cover with large print. Cover with orange crosshatch pattern. Miscellaneous Essays Pocket Series No. Literary Essays Pocket Series No. Is Progress an Illusion? Lowell, D. Grey crosshatch pattern on cover with illustration.

Willis, F. Theosophy in Outline Pocket Series No. Sanskrit Proverbs Pocket Series No. Van Deventer, Betty How N. Proverbs of Germany Pocket Series No. Gathered by Julius Moritzen. Condensed by Charles J. A Condensed Translation by Charles J. Powers, R. Perez et al. Edited by Isaac Goldberg. Yellow cover with blue print.

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Edited, with introduction and notes, by Nelson Antrim Crawford. Thurman, Wallace Negro Life in N. Von Keler Siegfried: Vol. Translated from the Greek by Alexander Harvey. Yellow cover, with green print. Carew et al. With Biographical Introductions by Bartlett J. Translated from the original Greek by Alexander Harvey. Condensed by John Mason. Bender, C. Darrow and Durant Are We Machines? Cover with purple crosshatch pattern and large print. Green cover illustration with large white print. Translated by Isaac Goldberg. Translated from the French by Isaac Goldberg.

White cover with red print. Orange crosshatch pattern on cover with red print. Blue crosshatch pattern on cover. Collected and Retold by C. Edited by John Mason. Purple crosshatch pattern on cover with large print.

Orange cover with large print. Von Keler Gotterdammerung: No. Translated in the Metre of Omar Khayyam by W. Selected and Edited by Henry C. Cover illustration with large print. Cover illustration with purple crosshatch pattern and large print. Translated and Introduction by Percival Pollard. Shipley, Maynard Are the Planets Inhabited? Goldberg, Isaac H. Mencken Little Blue Book No.

Introduction by John W. Edited, with a Foreword, by Lloyd E. Hammon et al. Edited, with an Introduction, by Clement Wood. White Cover with red print. Cover and print with green crosshatch pattern. Translated by Archer M. Haldeman-Julius et al. Evans et al. Grey cover with graphic. Part of the Knowledge of Life Series. White cover with graphic. Cover with orange crosshatch pattern and large print. Edited by Clarice Cunningham. Edited by Sylvestre Dorian. Translated by Sylvestre Dorian. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Floyd Dell.

Gunn, John E. Herts, B. Drawings by Peter Quinn. Yellow cover and print against a maroon background. Edited, with an Introduction, by Floyd Dell. Tan cover with purple print. Selected and Translated by Sylvestre Dorian. Cover with blue crosshatch pattern and purple print. Jarrell et al. An Anthology, with an Introduction, by Clement Wood. Byrd et al.

Edited, with a Foreword, by Clement Wood. Blue cover with illustration and large, blue print. Edited, with an Introduction, by Isaac Goldberg. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Isaac Goldberg. With an Introduction by Isaac Goldberg. Yellow cover with blue crosshatch pattern. Selected and Arranged by Lloyd E. Tan cover and print with black background. Confessions of St. Augustine Little Blue Book No. Edited, with Introduction, by Lloyd E. Lewis, M. Teal cover. Mahan, W. Adamic et al.

Pim et al. Translated from the Original Greek by Alexander Harvey. Translated from the Greek by Henry T. White cover with picture. Translated from the third edition of the original by Adam L. Tan cover with maroon print. Edited by John W. Edited, with an Introduction, by John W. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Margaret Munsterberg. Byrne, C. Nietzsche et al.