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In the context of "slang pejorative UK": A foolish or worthless person, rascal ; however also used affectionately: chap. How are you, you old bugger?

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In the context of "slang dated": A damn , anything at all. I don't give a bugger how important you think it is. For the alien species in Ender's Game, see Formics. When used in context it still retains its original meaning, implying anal sex see buggery.

Old Bugger

Today, the term is a general-purpose expletive, used to imply dissatisfaction bugger, I've missed the bus [i. Darn it, I've missed the bus! The word is also used amongst friends in an affectionate way you old bugger and is used as a noun in Welsh English vernacular to imply that one is very fond of something I'm a bugger for Welsh cake s. It can also imply a negative tendency He's a silly bugger for losing his keys [i.

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A total jerk. Regan went out with a complete bugger whom she will never call again.

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To sodomize someone. There once was a man from Belair Who tried to bugger a bear. But the beast was a brute Who struck out at his root Leaving nothing but testes and hair.

bugger (n.)

A variety of meanings. Australian, derived from buggering , which means anal intercourse. Now mostly used as a slang word as an exclamation of surprise or discontent. May be used to refer to a creature or human.

Discontent : Well I'll be buggered! British slang. It is generally used about an annoying person or situation.

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Bugger off get lost. Idiom bugger all. I'm going to miss my train. Did you see the speed that motorbike was going?

Tough Old Bugger ·

Idiom I'm buggered if Phrasal verbs bugger about. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of bugger? My Dictionary. Word of the Day deuce the score in tennis when both players have 40 points.