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They are self-claimed keepers of the natural balance; though many witches are known to use their powers for personal reasons. While the origins of witchcraft remains a mystery, witches have existed for many centuries; passing down their knowledge and skills through generations in family lines.

The Witches of Salem

By harnessing the earth's ambient elemental energies, they uphold their sacred duty to maintain and preserve the balance of nature and combat the forces that threaten the balance such as vampires and werewolves. Natural-born witches and warlocks have paranormal powers that begin development as teenagers. They are known for their code of loyalty and their bond as members of an extended family.

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Witches have existed for many centuries, passing down their skills and knowledge through generations in family lines. Witches are the servants of nature, and they make it their job to maintain balance within the world. Depending upon their coven and culture, those with the gift of magic can go by other titles such as a Shaman, who aids the needs of their people with their insight into the spiritual and metaphysical worlds through the use of herbs and protective items.

In Legend, a powerful witch whom was considered the first is responsible for casting the powerful Sun and Moon Curse which renders vampires debilitated by the sun and werewolves enslaved to the moon. Around the time of The Salem Witch Trials of , groups of enslaved African-American witches fled the Massachusetts village in hopes of finding safety elsewhere. The Bennett Witches were one of the families in this group. They settled and founded the town of Albany, New York living in secrecy for over a five-hundred years as witches and freed slave property-owners.

Neighboring settlements were infected with anti-witch hysteria and according to history, these witches were tied to stakes in a field and burned alive. According to Eric, Salem Witches are known for being heroic examples of individualism and non-conformity.

Witchcraft: "Dark Moon, Hexing, Binding & the Curse" 1/2

The Balance of Nature also called the Wiccan Rede in the novels is a spiritual belief system based around the observance of Mother Nature and reverence of the Spirits. The main goal of many if not most witches is to honor the design of nature and to maintain stability within the world. The balance of nature is intimately tied to one's spiritual relationship with the divine, and the idea that all things e. Contemporary witches would also agree that using modern ceremonies, rituals and shamanic practices is the best way to attune themselves with the natural rhythms of the universe in their efforts to obtain guidance and knowledge from wiser known witches called "The Spirits".

However, according to Victoria Bennett, it is implied that not all witches follow this belief system, and have the freewill to choose how they wish to practice their power. Humans who practice magical powers are called "witches". The origin of witchcraft remains a mystery, however it is known that witches have existed for many centuries, passing down their knowledge and skills through generations in family lines. Contrary to popular belief, witches do not receive their powers from demons, nor do they worship the devil. Instead, witches are the servants of nature as they make it their job to maintain balance within the world.

Magic is the power to affect change by supernatural means. Magic can often be split into light and dark, though depending on the situation may also be neutral. Magic is a genetic heredity that connects a person to the elements and forces of nature in order to practice witchcraft. Magic that is practiced by different witches. They are considered the following:. While few have been shown to harness mystical energy and effectively practice magic, witches recieve their magical power as a result of heredity.

The offspring of two witches will almost always be witches. No further explanation has been given regarding the mechanics or heritability of these genetics, but it's likely the source of their magical power, or the necessary instructions to produce their magic. Depending upon whether or not a witch has bound their circle or coven; if a witch is killed inappropriately, their power will pass down to the other members of their coven which will enhance their magic.

By tapping into supernatural and elemental forces, witches possess a host of magical abilities. With experience and adequate training in witchcraft, these powers will grow stronger: The basic powers of every witch include:. Witches mostly have a natural distaste for vampires as they are commonly perceived amongst their community as abominations. Vampires have a notorious history particularly Klaus of employing the aid of witches to perform various spells for their advantage such as the creation of Lapis Lazuli, which provides vampires with magical protection from daylight.

Despite this, many witches have willingly associated themselves with vampires having befriended or serving them. However, some witches defy this bond and act solely for their own personal gain. Contrary to popular mythology, witches do not form covens and are primarily solitary practitioners, though on occasion they may combine forces to achieve a common goal. Colloquially known as the Spirits of Nature, spirits are highly involved in the activities of witches. Spirits often commune and aid witches in their rituals and spells.

Being the conscience of Nature, they establish the sacred laws and guidelines of witchcraft.

While many witches are faithful servants of these spirits, some witches defy their laws and are often punished. Of note, the bat is in fact a mammal, as far as scientists are concerned, and not a bird at all.

List of fictional witches

During the Middle Ages, residents of western Europe and England believed that bats spread disease. Because many people believed in witchcraft during this time, the bat was associated with witches, dark magic, sorcery, and even talking to the dead. People in rural Scotland and northern England suspected bats of being messengers between witches and the devil. Centuries later, during the Victorian era, Bram Stoker wrote Dracula , which combined mysterious bats with a shape-shifting vampire.

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As much a morality tale as it is a horror story, Dracula features a title character who turns himself into a bat after sucking the blood of his helpless victims - often virginal young women on the cusp of sexual awakening. Elizabeth Miller of the Florida Bat Conservation Center writes that Stoker was inspired, while writing his classic, by a newspaper article, in which a victim was allegedly drained of blood by a vampire bat. As Dr. Miller points out, however, vampire bats are pretty small, a fact which Stoker conveniently ignored.

While Europeans were busy associating bats with witches and dark magic, the Mayans celebrated a god named Camazotz. He was a monstrous creature with the head and wings of a bat, and the body of a man… and was associated with human sacrifice. For explorers like Cortez and his Conquistadores , with their European heritage and background, a bat god like Camazotz would have been terrifying. The bat is also seen as a trickster in some societies, particularly in North American tribal cultures.

Like Coyote, the bat often appears in cautionary tales. In Eastern cultures, there tends to be a very different view of bats. Rather than seeing them as harbingers of death or symbols of black sorcery as Western societies do, people in China honor the bat as a symbol of happiness and long life.

See a Problem?

Five bats in a group together is a five-fold blessing: financial security, longevity, good health, a virtuous life, and a natural death. Are you having trouble seeing a problem - or a reasonable solution - clearly? Call upon bat energy to help gain intuitive strength and clarity. Bats are messengers - if you see one flying around in the night ask it to carry a message for you. Sprinkle the powder around your home to keep malevolent spirits out, as the ancient Egyptians did.

Remembering a Crime That You Didn’t Commit

Try building a bat house on your property to attract bats, and then call upon them if you need help in improving your communication skills. Bats can always find their way home because of their echolocation skills. You can also make a bat talisman or charm that will open yourself up to communications from the spirit world.