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Linux on DeX will allow users to load a full desktop Linux environment within an app container on their Android phone.

Ubuntu 19.04

After connecting their phone to an external monitor, users will be able to enjoy a full desktop Linux experience, all running off their Samsung Galaxy device. Related Articles.

Personal Space Travel is on the Horizon

Ubuntu Canonical extends security support for Ubuntu Update: Download now available Ubuntu Square Enix cancels planned DLC and There is now a Max-Q version for ev Please share our article, every link counts! I've been a "tech-head" my entire life.

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After graduating college with a degree in Mathematics, I worked in finance and banking a few years before taking a job as a Systems Analyst for my local school district. I started working with Notebookcheck in October of and have enjoyed writing news articles and notebook reviews.

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My areas of interest include the business side of technology, retro gaming, Linux, and innovative gadgets. When I'm not hunched over an electronic device or writing code for a new database, I'm either outside with my family, playing a decade-old video game, or sitting behind a drum set. Maida posed that safety was likely one of the biggest concerns with space tourism reaching the United States. Donohue agreed, adding that an interesting treaty would come into play: the Outer Space Treaty of Even though space travel is still a ways off, there are many companies looking to do some sort of paid space flight.

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SpaceX, Space Adventures, and others are all interested in the same arena of space travel — but may have an eye to the future. Other airports — like the Mojave Air and Space Port, have the spaceport license, but not regularly scheduled air service.

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Whatever comes next for personal space travel, you can bet that the team at Jet Linx will have our eyes pointed skyward, looking toward the stars. Join Jetlinx.

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